Lingerie Models Go Limp – Darby and Tori Sinclair


Lingerie Models Go Limp starring Darby and Tori Sinclair
Tori and Darby star as fetish models who come to a video shoot and end up knocked out by an evil photographer. When the girls arrive, they are told that they will be doing a balloon popping video. What they don’t know is that the balloons are filled with knock out gas! After stripping from regular clothes and dressing in sexy lingerie with thigh-high hose, they begin popping balloons with their high heels. The room fills with gas and the girls begin to feel weak and tired. Not understanding what is happening to them, they try to continue popping the balloons. But, it becomes impossible and they both pass out on the couch. The photographer returns and fondles them through their lacy lingerie. Then, he brings the girls to the bedroom… Tori is dragged, Darby is carried over the shoulder. After a bit of fondling in the bedroom, the girls are dragged/carried back to the living room where the villainous photographer strips them to their stockings and begins to tie their ankles. The girls awaken fully bound and gagged. They struggle for a minute and are then terrified when the guy returns and fondles their tits while they struggle and whimper. They are even more terrified when he leaves and the room begins to fill with visible knock out gas. The girls try valiantly to maintain consciousness but eventually they pass out. When they awaken, they are fully dressed and remember nothing. The guy tells them they got drunk at the shoot and he sends them on their way, dazed and confused. At a later date, the girls return for another video shoot and, after stripping and dressing in more sexy lingerie, they discover they are locked in the room. Gas begins to seep under the door. Panic-stricken, they jump up on a bed and try to breathe the clean air near the ceiling. But the gas takes effect and, despite their heroic attempts to keep each other awake, the girls slowly succumb to the fumes. Again, they are stripped, fondled and photographed. Finally, the photographer sells his unconscious victims to a white slaver. 70 minutes. Scene #KOB0318

MP4 640×480

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