Lingerie Model in Peril – Diana Grace


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Lingerie Model in Peril starring Diana Grace
Diana is incredible as the helpless damsel in this hot abduction fantasy! Diana is trying on lingerie when villain Victor sneaks up and handgags her. He ties Diana securely with rope, including a crotch rope, and ballgags her. He chloroforms the terrified model and carries her away over his shoulder. At his hideout, he carries Diana around a bit then orders her to call her modeling agency to plead for her ransom. Diana does as she is told. Victor gags Diana with cloth and chloroforms her again. He carries her around just for fun then hogties her while she’s still unconscious. Diana awakens and, with great difficulty, frees herself. The outtakes include lots of unused shots from both the knock outs and the bondage. The Scene is 29 minutes, Outtakes are 19 minutes. Order the Package to get both for one low price!

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