Lingerie Lust – Tiffany Taylor and Cassie Young

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Lingerie Lust starring Tiffany Taylor and Cassie Young
Tiffany and Cassie are super sexy business partners who love lingerie! They are starting up a lingerie company, so they are spending the afternoon trying on some of their new products. In Clip 1, sultry blonde Cassie lounges on the couch reading a magazine when Tiffany comes running in with an exciting package. She opens the box and a fountain of silky, shimmery lingerie spills out. The girls squirm with delight as they look through the skimpy outfits, tearing off their clothes to try on some of their sexy new wardrobe. First, they put on lacy black thongs. Cassie finds a matching black bra and Tiffany puts on a pink satin camisole. The girls become really playful and aroused as they model and dance for each other. They cant keep their hands off each others luscious bodies, either! The girls each try on one more outfit before they get too horny to continue. Tiffany decides she is hungry… for Cassie’s succulent tits! She licks and sucks Cassie’s perfect pink nipples, and then Cassie returns the delicious favor. The girls get really hot and start kissing. Then the action gets hotter! Tiffany climbs on top of Cassie to squeeze and suck her tits. Then Cassie mounts Tiffany and passionately devours her soft, tan skin. Tiffany decides the girls should get back to their lingerie business, and they start modeling more of their new skimpy, sexy outfits. The hotties get distracted once more when they start fondling and kissing each other’s tight little asses. Tiffany comes up with the outrageous idea to do a live sex show during their lingerie runway debut, but she wants to practice with Cassie first. Later, Tiffany and Cassie are on the bed in more outrageously hot lingerie. Cassie pulls Tiffany’s thong off and starts licking her wet, pink pussy until it glistens with pussy juice. She rubs Tiffany’s clit and spanks her pussy with her hand. Then Tiffany licks her own pussy juice off of Cassie’s fingers! In Clip 2, it is Tiffany’s turn to taste Cassie’s sweet pussy while Cassie pinches and licks her own nipples! Cassie pulls out a powerful little vibrator and pulls aside Tiffany’s shimmery purple lingerie to get at her pussy again. Cassie rubs the vibrator over Tiff’s clit and sticks it inside her aching cunt. Soon the insatiable Tiffany is writhing and moaning in orgasmic pleasure. Tiffany licks the hot pussy juice off the vibrator when she is done cumming. Then the lusty vixens have changed lingerie again. While Cassie’s on her hands and knees on the bed, Tiffany sticks a vibrator in her tight pussy and then makes her taste her own pussy juice. She fucks her with the vibrator until Cassie cums, and then she makes Cassie lick the vibrator clean! Scene #GG0001

640×480 Clip 1 is 26 minutes, Clip 2 is 21 minutes, the outtakes are 43 minutes. The photo set contains 116 photos.

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