Limp Lingerie Models – Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green



Limp Lingerie Models starring Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green
A really exciting, well-acted scene featuring two gorgeous brunettes in hot lingerie! There’s some excellent limp acting and eye fluttering! Photographer Jon soaks a cloth and hides it in a hollowed out book. Mary Jane comes in to interview for a modeling job but she gets upset when Jon mentions taking sexy photos. She starts to leave but he grabs her and holds the cloth over her face until she goes limp in his arms. He drags her to the sofa. When Jewell arrives for her interview, Jon tells her that Mary Jane was drunk and fell asleep. Jewell is also unhappy when Jon suggests taking lingerie photos and she starts to leave. In a really great scene, Jewell is grabbed and subdued with the cloth. Her desperate struggling, her rolling eyes and the way her body goes limp are quite thrilling. The lecherous photographer strips the girls naked. When we see them next, they’re in very sexy lingerie with garters, stockings and heels. Jon poses them in a variety of positions and takes photos. Later, Mary Jane awakens and groggily staggers around. Jon returns and uses the cloth, from the front, to capture her. As Jon gloats over the limp Mary Jane, Jewell awakens and sneaks out. She gets pretty far but Jon catches her and starts to use the cloth on her. But Mary Jane wakes up and attacks Jon! He turns his attention to her, pressing the cloth against her face. Jewell, barely awake, crawls away. When MJ goes limp, Jon grabs Jewell and cruelly puts her to sleep. Scene #KOB0611

The scene is 24 minutes, the outtakes are 5 minutes. The MP4s are 1920×1080.

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