Limp in a Villains Lab – Charlie Laine and Mary Jane Green


Limp in a Villain’s Lab starring Charlie Laine and Mary Jane Green
Charlie stars as superheroine The Copper Falcon who is out to capture villainous Mary Jane using a newly developed knock out drug. But, when Charlie enters MJs hideout, she gets knocked out herself. Mary Jane appears out of nowhere and clasps a chloroform cloth over Charlies face. The spunky heroine puts up a good fight but the drug takes its toll and, with plenty of eye-rolling, Charlie passes out. MJ lays her on a table and examines her limp body. When she finds the new knock out drug, she decides to try it out on Charlie. When Charlie awakens later, a wide piece of cloth is tied across the lower half of her face. Charlie is too weak to get up and must lie there helplessly as MJ applies several drops of the drug to the cloth. Charlies eyes roll and she starts to go back to sleep. But more drops are needed to completely put her out. Later, Charlie awakens and sits up. MJ uses a needle to inject some of the drug into her victims arm. Charlie tries to stagger away but the drug takes effect quickly and she falls to the floor unconscious. Later, Charlie is back on the table. She wakes up, very disoriented. Thinking she is in a hospital and that MJ is a nurse, she opens her mouth an allows Mj to drop some of the drug onto her tongue. Charlie becomes very tired and, with her eyes rolled back, she falls over unconscious. Mary Jane examines Charlie in a somewhat suggestive manner. Then a male villain shows up and examines her some more. He pulls her top down and her boots off and puts his hands all over her. When Charlie awakens, she is bound to the table and gagged. She struggles to get free so MJ holds a piece of drug-soaked gauze under her nose. She places the gauze there and pulls it away a few times to torture Charlie before knocking her out completely. 2 minutes of outtakes are included. 25 minutes. Scene #SHKO0031

MP4 640×480  The photo set has 166 photos.

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