Limp from A to Z – Ashley Lane, Zoe Bloom, Jolene Hexx



Limp from A to Z starring Ashley Lane, Zoe Bloom, and Jolene Hexx
Beautiful Ashley and Zoe are stalked, knocked out and groped by sexy villain Jolene in this thrilling clip! The girls are hanging out and Zoe goes to the kitchen to wash dishes. Suddenly, Jolene appears and soaks a washcloth. She sneaks up on Ashley and clasps the cloth over her face. Ashley struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and she goes limp in Jolene’s arms. Jolene drops Ashley on the couch and plays with her briefly. Then she goes into the kitchen. She sneaks up on the unsuspecting Zoe and chloroforms her. She carries Zoe to the sofa, sits down and starts fondling both girls. She strips Zoe, manipulates her body and gropes her tits and ass. When Ashley awakens, Jolene knocks her out again. She strips Ashley and gropes her perfect body. Zoe awakens and is quickly out to sleep again. Later, the girls wake up and are horrified and embarrassed to find themselves naked. As they start to walk to their rooms, Jolene sneaks up and chloroforms both girls at once. A couple of minutes of excellent outtakes are included. 23 minutes. Scene #KOB0710
1920×1080 MP4

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