Limp Boxer/Trampoline Dreams – Eva Long, Sablique Von Lux


Limp Boxer/Trampoline Dreams starring Eva Long and Sablique Von Lux.

Limp Boxer: Eva is working out, punching a large bag, when evil Sablique sneaks in and soaks a cloth. Approaching her victim stealthily, Sablique clasps the cloth over her face. After some struggling, Eva’s eyes roll back and she goes limp. Sablique drags her a bit then pulls her top down and fondles her. When Eva awakens, Sablique applies the cloth again a couple of times until she goes limp.

Trampoline Dreams: Eva is jumping on a trampoline in the gym. Sablique sneaks up and tries to clasp a cloth over her face, which is difficult as she jumps up and down. Finally, she grabs her and uses the cloth to put her to sleep. Sablique lays her victim over the trampoline, plays with her and gropes her tits. When Eva awakens, she tries to stagger away but Sablique grabs her and puts her back to sleep. Scene #KOB0645

The scene is 16 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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