Limp and Under His Control – Diana Grace



Limp and Under His Control starring Diana Grace

Stunningly beautiful Diana is hanging out at home with her boyfriend. He can’t keep his hands off his gorgeous girlfriend and tries to get Diana in the mood. But, she doesn’t feel like it. He asks if she’s open to playing their “game” and she says yes. He swings a pocket watch in front of Diana’s face and tells her to keep her eyes on it. She watches the watch and listens to her lover’s voice as he calmly tells her to relax and go deeper and deeper into a trance. He tells her that she is completely under his control. He counts down from 10 and when he reaches 1, Diana goes limp. He does an eye check then starts playing with Diana, groping her body and caressing her face. He stands Diana up and tells her that she will go limp any time he touches her forehead. He makes her go limp in his arms. Then gropes her some more, pulls her top down and briefly carries her in his arms. He makes her go limp a couple more times, fondling and manipulating her body and face each time. Finally, he makes her go out and carries her away in his arms. 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0731

HD MP4 1920×1080 673MB

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