Lift and Carry – Raven Rae, Charlotte Stokely


Lift and Carry starring Raven Rae and Charlotte Stokely
Cheating husband Tim Woodman gets quite a workout as he deals with his suspicious wife and a wicked blackmailer. Raven, looking incredible in a black dress and heels, comes to see him looking for cash to keep quiet about their affair. Tim places a briefcase on her lap and secretly soaks a cloth in chloroform. When the briefcase is empty, Raven barely has time to get pissed off before Tim clasps the cloth over her face. She fights hard but soon her eyes roll and she passes out. Tim picks her up for a moment before placing her on the couch and playing with her limp arms. When his wife Charlotte comes home, he carries Raven in his arms to the bathroom. She sits slumped against a wall while Tim chats with his wife. When Charlotte decides to take a shower, Tim distracts her then carries Raven to the bedroom. Raven awakens, confused, and Tim chloroforms her again. When Charlotte decides to go to bed, Tim quickly carries Raven to his office and places her on a chair. But Charlotte finds Raven’s bracelet and gives Tim an earful. While she bitches her husband out, Raven wakes up and staggers into the living room! Charlotte is beyond angry. When she turns away, Tim clasps the cloth over her face! She struggles and, with some great eye fluttering she falls unconscious in his arms. Placing his wife on the couch, Tim chloroforms the semi-conscious Raven. Then, he carries Charlotte to the bed and Raven to the bathroom. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. They contain unused footage from the chloro scenes and some carrying. Scene #KOB0595
The scene is 19 minutes. 1280×720

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