Lexi’s Stalker Part 1 – Lexi Belle


Lexi’s Stalker Part 1 starring Lexi Belle
A devious madman has been stalking beautiful Lexi. She sits on her couch reading, unaware that the guy has entered the house and is watching her. He soaks a cloth in chloroform and, when Lexi gets up, he attacks her. Lexi does some great eye-rolling before passing out in the guys arms. He carries her then places her on the couch and begins fondling her luscious body. He checks her eyes and plays with her face before standing her up and manipulating her body some more. Lexi is stripped naked and heavily groped. She awakens and tries to stagger away but the stalker chloroforms her again. Her limp body is carried to the bed where the guy poses her and leaves. Lexi awakens frightened and confused. This is a really good scene. Lexi looks amazing and does some great eye rolling. A very short, funny outtake concludes the scene. Scene #KOB0438
20 minutes. The photo set contains 22 photos. MP4 640×480

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