Lexie on the Kitchen Counter – Lexie Fux, Agatha Delicious



Lexie on the Kitchen Counter starring Lexie Fux and Agatha Delicious
A simple, sexy cloth clip with 2 hot actresses. Lexie comes home from a party, looking hot in her tight dress. Little does she know that Agatha has followed her home and snuck into her house. Agatha soaks a thick washcloth with chloroform and sneaks up on Lexie in the kitchen. She clasps the cloth over her mouth. Lexie struggles but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Agatha puts her helpless victim on the kitchen counter and sensuously fondles her. She pulls Lexie’s dress up for more groping. Lexie wakens and groggily staggers out of the kitchen, unaware that Agatha is right behind her.  Agatha uses the cloth on her and Lexie goes to sleep. On the sofa, Agatha continues playing with Lexie’s luscious body. Lexie awakens again and Agatha uses the cloth to put her to sleep again. Then she carries her away.16 minutes. Scene #KOB0726

HD MP4 1920×1080 (650MB)

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