Lesbian Menace – Charlie Laine, Karlie Montana and Loren Chance


Lesbian Menace starring Charlie Laine and Karlie Montana
Some crazy bitch at Charlie and Karlies work has been making uncomfortable lesbian passes at them. First, Charlie comes home to her roommate/coworker friend Karlie and complains about the unwelcome advances of notorious office pervert, Loren. Charlie goes into the kitchen for a snack, unaware that Loren has snuck into her house and is waiting for her behind the refrigerator. Loren springs out and chloroforms Charlie, who struggles so hard that her shoes fall off in the skirmish. After her eyes flutter and roll up into her head, Charlie passes out and Loren drags her lifeless body to the couch. When Karlie walks into the laundry room, Loren pounces on her next. She chloroforms Karlie until the sexy brunette slumps in her arms, limp and unconscious. Then she drags her onto the couch next to Charlie. With both girls totally knocked out, Loren has a bit of fun. She manipulates their limbs and plays with their bodies. Loren strips Karlie down to her sexy lace panties and caresses her hot body. Then she strips Charlie to her panties and squeezes her amazing tits now that Charlie’s helpless to refuse her lesbian attentions. Loren takes off Charlies panties and gropes her soft, naked flesh. She makes Charlie fondle herself and Karlie by posing and moving Charlies hands. Next, Loren caresses Karlie some more and pulls off her cute little panties, too. She forces the two limp girls into various naughty positions and then leaves them there, in a knocked out lesbian tangle of lust. When the girls come to, they are confused and blame each other for the embarrassing situation they find themselves in. Scene #KOB0152
23 minutes. The photo set contains 116 photos. MP4 640×480

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