Left Hanging – Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan


Left Hanging starring Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan
Sexy Samantha hangs out at home unaware that a creepy intruder is stalking her. The guy doses a cloth with chloroform and sneaks up on Samantha while she sits on the couch. Once she is grabbed, Samantha fights hard, but as she breathes in the chlora fumes her eyes flutter and she passes out. Her roommate Georgia comes home and is also staked through the house. Finding her friend unconscious, Georgia panics. But before she can call for help, she too is chloroformed. The guy plays with the girls limp bodies, using their hands to touch each others breasts. Later, the unconscious girls, now fully nude, are hanging by their hands from the ceiling. The guy plays with their bodies again, then leaves them. Samantha wakes up and unties herself and the still unconscious Georgia, she runs to get help, but is grabbed and chloroformed again. When Georgia wakes up she too is chloroformed. Once again the intruder manipulates the girls limp limbs, forcing them to touch each others bodies. Scene #KOB0360
25 minutes. The photo set contains 187 photos. MP4 640×480

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