Learning the Ropes – Jazmin Luv and Diana Grace




Learning the Ropes with Jazmin Luv and Diana Grace
A fun, sexy scene starring 2 incredibly beautiful brunettes! Clip 1 – When Jazmin asks her friend Diana about bondage modeling, Diana is quick to offer her help. She offers to tie Jazmin up so she can get some experience. Jazmin reluctantly agrees and Diana ties her up with rope. Jazmin ends up gagged with tape and Diana leaves her there to struggle.  Jazmin is annoyed at being left alone and helpless and she squirms around trying to escape. She kicks her shoes off and hops around. Diana catches her hopping away and, to Jazmin’s horror, starts groping her! Next Jazmin is in just her panties and heels with her hands tied behind her. Diana gags her and puts her on a leash. She torments Jazmin, groping her, taunting her and forcing her to walk around. A few fun outtakes are included with Clip 1.  In Clip 2, Jazmin is bound spread out on a bed. Diana puts a ballgag on her and continues teasing her and tormenting her. Diana gets even meaner when she berates Jazmin for trying to steal her modeling work. Left alone, Jazmin frees herself and subdues Diana with a punch. Diana awakens bound to the bed and squirms with anger as Jazmin gags her. Jazmin turns out to be an excellent dom as she gropes and taunts her helpless captive.  But, a bondage producer shows up and interrupts Jazmin’s fun. Both girls end up bound with hands over head, gagged with tape.  They struggle and whimper, their luscious bodies close together.  The producer tells them he’ll be shooting bondage with them all night! A few fun outtakes are included with Clip 2. Clip 1 is 25 minutes. Clip 2 is 30 minutes. Scene #BG0850

HD MP4 1920 x 1080
Clip 1 HD – 982MB
Clip 2 HD – 1.2GB

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