Knocking You Unconscious With Chloroform – Agatha Delicious, Miss Tiffany



Knocking You Unconscious With Chloroform starring Agatha and Miss Tiffany

An exciting POV clip where 2 hot girls knock you out! As the clip begins, you awaken to find yourself seated across from 2 malevolent villainesses. They taunt you about you helplessness and tell you that they will keep making you breathe chloroform over and over until you tell them what they want to know. Tiffany has a brown bottle which she uses to soak a cloth in chloroform. She approaches you and holds the cloth over your face. You feel like resting but you resist. She pulls the cloth away and Agatha soaks it and holds it to your face, making you tired before she pulls it away. They taunt you some more and decide they want to try the liquid too. Each girl holds the cloth to her own face. Their eyes roll and flutter. But, their patience runs out. You haven’t given them any information so they torment you with the cloth, holding it in your face. They each take one last whiff from the cloth before holding over your face until you slip into unconsciousness, uncertain of when…or if…you’ll wake up again. 11 minutes. This clip is sold on Clips4Sale under the satirical title “Resting Fetish: The POV Experience” Scene #KOB0728

HD MP4 1920×1080 (485MB)

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