Knocking the Cop Out – Star Nine



Knocking the Cop Out starring Star Nine
Beautiful policewoman Star gets dressed in her cute uniform with skirt, blouse, tie and heels. Hearing a noise, she goes to investigate and is caught off guard by villainous Tim who sneaks up and hits her on the head with a blackjack. Stars eyes roll briefly and she collapses to the floor. Tim partially opens her blouse and fondles her tits. Star awakens and tries to stumble away but a karate chop knocks her out again. She falls back into his arms. He holds her limp body up and sways back and forth with her before dragging her to the couch. He opens her blouse and plays with her breasts before leaving her there alone. Star awakens and threatens Tim with her gun. But it has no bullets and Tim sprays knock out gas in her face. She staggers around, trying to wake up but Tim grabs her handcuffs and secures her to a chair. He soaks a cloth in chloroform and presses it to her face, partially knocking her out. Stars eyes roll as he gropes her naked tits. He applies the chloroform cloth a few more times sending Star closer to unconsciousness. Finally, he holds the cloth to her face long enough to knock her unconscious.and A half minute of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0534
21 minutes. The photo set contains 120 photos. MP4 1280×640

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