Knocking Out the Boots Bandit – Diana Grace


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Knocking Out the Boots Bandit starring Diana Grace
Diana is burglar who is knocked out repeatedly with blows to the head in this hot scene. In Clip 1, Diana sneaks into a house and steals some jewelry. But, she chose a bad house to rob. The homeowner is a burglar himself. He sneaks up on Diana and smacks her in the head. Diana collapses into his arms. He holds her up for a while before carrying her to a sofa. Diana is fondled and her body is manipulated. She awakens a couple of times and is quickly knocked out again. Diana is partially stripped for more sexy fondling. Clip 1 includes 7 minutes of great outtakes. In Clip 2, Diana’s boots are removed and she is groped some more. When she awakens and tries to escape, the guy smacks her again. Diana is carried to the bedroom for some more groping and some eye checks. She wakes up and talks shit with the guy before trying to stagger away. He hits her with the club and she falls unconscious onto the bed. The guy calls the police and tells them to pick up the Boots Bandit. About 6 minutes of outtakes are included with Clip 2. Scene #KOB0789

Clip 1 is 29 minutes. Clip 2 is 21 minutes. The Photo Set has 62 photos.

HD MP4 1920×1080

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