Knocking Out His Nurse – Star


Knocking Out His Nurse starring Star
In this exciting scene, directed by Loren Chance, hot nurse Star looks incredible in her white dress and tan pantyhose. She visits her patient who is confined to a wheelchair. The guy is clearly hot for Star and when she is not looking, he gets out his wheelchair, sneaks up and knocks her out with a blow to the head. The way Star rolls her eyes and collapses is quite realistic. The guy manipulates Stars body and fondles her tits. When she wakes up, he returns to his chair and pretends he is unable to move again. Thinking she fainted, Star is very confused. She takes the guy tot he kitchen but when she turns her back, he gets up again and hits her hard on the head. Star collapses into his arms and is put in a chair for more groping and manipulation. He even opens her dress and pulls down her bra. Again Star wakes up and is lead to believe that she simply passed out. In the bedroom, Star makes the bed. When she turns around, she is shocked to see the guy standing behind her. He presses a chloroform soaked cloth over her face and knocks her out. He plops her down on the bed, strips her naked and enjoys some heavy fondling. The outtakes, which are included with the complete scene or Clip 2, contain some unused shots of Star being knocked out and groped. Scene #KOB0458
27 minutes. The photo set contains 196 photos. MP4 HD 1200×670

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