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Knocked Out, Tied Up Superheroines Collection


Knocked Out, Tied Up Superheroines Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring superheroines knocked out and tied up! You’ll get:

SHBD0003 Shocked into Submission starring Nina Neon
Mighty Neon Flame has been captured by the ill-tempered forces of evil! She is bound in a basement somewhere, tied standing with her arms over her head and her legs spread. She tries to use her super powers to break her bonds, but they do not seem to be working. She looks very hot in her skimpy red costume and matching red tape gag. As she struggles, she is repeatedly zapped by some insidious electric zappy thing. Who is controlling it? We don’t know. Some unknown but surely diabolical villain must be behind Ninas endless torment and suffering! Nina slowly loses her strength and will to fight as she is mercilessly, endlessly electrified into unconsciousness. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 36 photos.

SHBD0012 Super-Villain in Bondage starring Tori Sinclair
Sexy Tori Sinclair plays a super-villain who is bound and gagged twice in this scene from Anton’s early years. The scene is 11 minutes.

SHKT0018 Junior Superheroine starring Charlie Laine & Anastasia Pierce
Junior crime fighter Charlie looks incredible in her shiny silver bodysuit. Her friend Anastasia has turned to the dark side and become evil. She sneaks up on Charlie and clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. Charlie fights but Anastasia is too strong. Charlies eyes roll up in her head and her body goes limp as Anastasia leads her to the floor. Charlie awakens bound to a wooden post, a cloth gag between her teeth. Anastasia taunts Charlie as she fondles her beautiful body and tits. Charlie whimpers, terrified and humiliated. When Anastasia has had her fill, she leaves Charlie there helpless and degraded. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 27 photos.

SHKT0019 Goldie Gets It! starring Cory Lane
Cory is an incredibly sexy Superheroine in a shiny gold leotard and boots. She shows up at villain Dick Darkly’s secret headquarters but he is waiting for her. He sneaks up behind her and whacks her over the head with a club, knocking her to her knees. A second blow knocks Cory out cold. (To be honest, the head hits are not very realistic). When Cory wakes up, she is tied up on the floor and gagged with a rubber ball. Dick comes over and exposes her voluptuous breasts before leaving her there to suffer in her bondage. Cory struggles and whimpers for a while but manages to untie herself and make her escape. The scene is 2.5 minutes. The photo set contains 75 photos.

SHMI0002 Silver Fox Battles Evil starring Nina Neon & Stacy Burke
The wicked Morgana, played by Nina, has hatched a sinister plan to put an end to Silver Fox. In clip 1, Morgana and her henchman, the hulking and scary Garth, steal an ancient parchment. When Silver Fox shows up at the evil lair, she and Morgana have a knock-down drag-out catfight. Morgana renders Fox unconscious with vile full of super-potent morganite. Garth carries Silver Fox’s limp body away. In clip 2, Fox seeks her revenge. She goes back to the evil lair and another fierce catfight ensues. Fox renders Morgana unconscious with a stranglehold, but then the henchman sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. When Morgana comes to, she orders her dark servant to strip and fondle Fox’s limp body. In clip 3, Fox wakes up only to be chloroformed again. Garth carries her off to a torture chamber, and when she comes to she is tied and helpless. Morgana fondles, torments, and humiliates the captured superheroine relentlessly. In clip 4, Fox convinces Morgana’s henchman to help her escape. She confronts the evil mistress and the two battle fiercely once more. Fox wins the fight with her Silver Fox nerve pinch. In clip 5, Fox strips off Morgana’s shiny black costume, plays with her delicious body, and ties her up. In clip 6, Morgana wakes up tightly tied with a fat cleave gag in her mouth. She struggles but cannot get free. Fox calls the police while Morgana sits at her feet. But Fox forgets the henchman is still skulking around, giving this story an unexpected ending! Clip 1 is 7.5 minutes, clip 2 is 9.5 minutes, clip 3 is 11 minutes, clip 4 is 7 minutes, clip 5 is 7 minutes, and clip 6 is 8 minutes.

73 total minutes of video, 138 photos. Collection #PKSH0003

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