Knocked Out Tied Up 22 – Nina Neon


Knocked Out Tied Up 22 starring Nina Neon
This intense, energetic scene has been a favorite of our viewers for many years. The villains are both really good but Ninas performance is one of the best we have ever seen. Nina, looking hot in skirt, white blouse and heels is grabbed in her home by two men in stocking masks who are looking for important information on Ninas computer. She fights like hell but she is overpowered. They grope Ninas body while she struggles. One man holds a gloved hand over Ninas mouth while the other strips her naked. Ninas vulnerable body is groped even more once she is nude. Finally, the two bullies chloroform her (some great eye-rolling) and lay her to rest on the couch. The look on Ninas face when she first sees the chloroform is priceless. Then, Nina, fully nude, is tied on-screen to a chair, gagged with duct tape while unconscious. When she wakes up, she struggles hard and finally escapes, but not for long… Later, Nina is knocked unconscious by being smothered with one of the guys hands. He covers her mouth and pinches her nose to cut off the oxygen to her brain. Once she is out cold, they fondle her for a while and carry her to the bedroom where they tie her up on screen again. She wakes up terrified, and to silence her the goons stick some duct tape over her mouth (great close-up). Then Nina is still bound and gagged on the bed when someone knocks on the door. One of the bad guys puts his hand over Ninas gagged mouth and holds her down to keep her quiet. After some more rough groping, the two villains leave Nina there to suffer for a while. She writhes around on the bed trying to free herself. Her tanned, feminine body moves and grooves in a way only a woman could. She finally frees herself and removes her duct tape gag, then springs for the front door. But the bad guys are waiting for her. They quickly recapture her and simultaneously grope and chloroform her. Once she passes out, they leave her on the couch with her tits exposed. Scene #KOTI0044

54 minutes. 640×480.

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