Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 2


Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 2
An assortment of clips and photos from back in the day featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0025 Drugged Dominatrix starring Darby
Redhead Darby makes for an extremely sexy dominatrix in her black striped stockings, black lace-up panties and matching bra. She finds out the hard way that her customer has a secret fetish – he likes his girls unconscious. The customer hands her a glass of wine that is drugged with a powerful sedative. As Darby grows weary, the customer talks to her. Darby tries hard to stay awake and to continue conversing. The guy gets her to take her bra off and start caressing herself. She yawns a lot and her eyes grow heavy. Finally, she collapses on the couch and the customer takes the opportunity to molest her limp body. The scene is 8.5 minutes. The photo set contains 49 photos.

KOB0027 Sly Salesman starring Darby
Steve is a sleazy insurance salesman trying to sell Darby a policy. While she is reading his brochure, he soaks a rag with chloroform. When Darby stands up, Steve grabs her and covers her face with the rag. Darby struggles and then slowly goes to sleep. He drags her unconscious body to the couch and takes off her shoes to fondle her petite, sexy feet. Then he strips her down to her sheer black nylons and molests her sweet, pink flesh. When she comes to, she is disoriented and dizzy. Steve chloroforms her again and gropes her delicious, tempting body once more. The scene is 13.5 minutes. The photo set contains 125 photos.

KOB0028 Stalked and Carried starring Darby
Darby is attacked in her home by an obsessed chloroform-wielding stalker. She tries to escape and even picks up a knife in self-defense but the guy is too strong, and after considerable struggling, she is knocked unconscious. Darby is carried to another room where she is stripped and her luscious body and tits are fondled. When the stalker tries to carry her away, she wakes up and is chloroformed again. Finally, she is carried to the guys basement where she is tied up. Upon waking, she is promptly chloroformed again. The scene is 18 minutes. The photo set contains 194 photos.

KOB0039 Unconscious Foot Massage starring Isabella Blue
Saucy brunette Isabella is making coffee when creepy intruder Steve enters her kitchen and places a chloroform-soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. She struggles hard but quickly, the drug takes effect. Isabellas eyes get goofy and soon she is unconscious. Steve carries her limp body in his arms to his uncle Max’s house – he knows how his uncle Max likes a cute pair of feet and legs in tan thigh high stockings. Uncle Max enthusiastically massages Isabellas nyloned feet and thighs. He tenderly caresses her soles as she lies on his couch limp and helpless. Max even lifts up her skirt to reveal black lace panties. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 42 photos.

KOB0042 Caught in the Kitchen starring Jenni Lee
Jenni is a long time favorite of many chloro fans, because of her girl next-door looks and her great acting. She definitely lives up to her reputation in this tense scene. Looking cute in short skirt, tight top and heels, Jenni is terrified to get a threatening call from a stalker. Later, she is attacked from behind by a the stalker, who clasps a chloroformed soaked cloth over her face. Jenni puts up a good fight, and even manages to break free from her attacker. But the guy catches her again and knocks her out cold. There is a great up skirt shot and plenty of close ups of her rolling eyes as Jenni slips into unconsciousness. The creepy thug fondles Jenni’s beautiful body. He pulls up her top to fondle her shapely tits, then pulls her skirt up and her panties down. Jenni wakes up horrified, and the guy chloroforms her again, this time from the front. This is one of our most suspenseful and exciting chloro scenes ever! The scene is 8 minutes. The photo set contains 102 photos.

KOB0043 Naive and Knocked Out starring Jenni Lee
Jenni Lee is an aspiring lingerie model fresh off the bus. Dressed in killer lingerie, she comes to Anton studios for her very first audition. As she is being interviewed, a sinister thug sneaks up behind her and slaps a chloroform rag over her naive face. She struggles fiercely until the drug starts to take effect. Once she is unconscious, the thug drags her to a post and sizes her up for the sex slave market. He inspects her body and fondles her juicy tits. She wakes up during the inspection, terrified and confused. The creep whips out the chloroform again and puts Jenni back to sleep. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set contains 73 photos.

KOB0050 Double Trouble for Jewell starring Jewell Marceau
2 great scenes for 1 low price! First, the gorgeous brunette is protecting a briefcase full of important documents. In a sexy black skirt, tight top, pantyhose and heels, she is chloroformed by an intruder. Her limp body slumps down in her office chair. Before leaving with the papers, the guy takes the opportunity to fondle and partially strip Jewell. In the second story, Jewell looks amazing as a detective in short skirt and boots. She finds herself locked in a small room which then fills with knock out gas. Jewell tries to stay awake but her eyes roll back and she passes out on the floor. The scene is 11 minutes. The photo set contains 126 photos.

KOB0051 Tiny Red Bikini starring Jewell Marceau and Loren Chance
Ultra-sultry Jewell is sunbathing on her deck in a saucy red micro-bikini when Loren sneaks out with a chloroform cloth in her hand. Loren pounces on the bathing beauty, who puts up one hell of a fight as she is chloroformed into unconsciousness. Once her eyes roll back in her head and she stops moving, Loren has her horny way with Jewell’s helpless hot body. Loren unties the bikini top and fondles Jewell’s amazing tits, then she caresses the rest of her luscious flesh. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 76 photos.

KOB0060 Blackmailed Boss starring Loren Chance
Loren looks really hot and gives a fine performance in this drugged drink scene. In sexy business skirt and pantyhose outfit, snooty executive Loren talks to her male co-worker, unaware that the guy has drugged her soda. After a few sips, Loren becomes increasingly tired, and struggles to stay awake. She stagers across the room and tries to call for help, but her eyes roll back and she passes out. The creepy co-worker pulls up Lorens top and takes sexy photos of her, posing her body in suggestive positions. Loren is left unconscious to be found by her fellow workers. The scene is 11 minutes. The photo set contains 36 photos.

KOB0063 KOd in Cuffs starring Mary Jane Green
Stunning brunette Mary Jane is cleave gagged and handcuffed to a pipe in a dingy bathroom in the scoundrels hideaway. Looking incredible in a velvet blouse, black miniskirt, black pantyhose and high heels, she tries to plead with her captor to no avail. After removing her gag, he ties a chloroform-doused rag around her mouth and nose and watches her whimper and writhe until she finally succumbs to the fumes. The villain decides to have some fun with her limp, unconscious body. He opens her blouse, exposing her luscious breasts. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 24 photos.

KOB0065 Formal Take Down starring Mary Jane Green
Vintage vixen Mary Jane is getting ready for a formal dance when a bad-minded intruder grabs and chloroforms her. Her big eyes flutter and roll up in her head as the drug works its sinister magic. Once she is unconscious and sprawled on the bed, he strips off her sparkly emerald dress, revealing sheer black stockings and panties. Then the creep pulls off her panties and fondles her creamy white flesh. The scene is 4.5 minutes. The photo set contains 46 photos.

KOB0076 Office Humiliation starring Penny Flame
Cold-hearted businesswoman Penny fires her assistant Steve for his incompetence. But Steve is more than competent when he returns with a chloroform-soaked rag. Sneaking up on Penny, he clasps the cloth over Pennys mouth. Penny puts up quite a fight but the fumes overtake her and, with plenty of eye-rolling, she slips into unconsciousness. Steve places her on an office chair with her head hanging back and her mouth open. But the indignities continue. Steve leaves Penny leaning over her desk, naked with her pantyhose around her ankles. Penny awakens with her boss staring at her! She desperately tries to cover her nakedness and explain this humiliating situation to the angry exec. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 62 photos.

99 total minutes of 640×480 video and 955 photos. Collection #PKKOB0005

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