Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 1


Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 1
An assortment of clips and photos from back in the day featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0020 Working Late at the Office starring Cory Lane
Stunning secretary Cory, sporting a white lacy top, short blue skirt and sheer tan pantyhose, is getting ready to go home after a hard day at work. Suddenly, a creep sneaks up behind her and covers her nose and mouth with a chloroform soaked cloth. He pins her down to the desk and plunges her slowly into unconsciousness. She struggles hard, but he is stronger than she is and so is the chloroform. The villain removes her glasses to get a better look at her fluttering eyes as she passes out. Once she is out cold, he leaves her lying there on top of the desk. This scene was shot for our Knocked Out Beauties paysite years ago. For some bizarre reason–which we can not figure out–the photo set contains photos of Cory being stripped and waking up naked on the desk but there is no video of that. We apologize. The scene is 2 minutes. The photo set contains 78 photos.

KOB0023 Sleepytime Pantyhose Knock Out starring Darby
Darby is sleeping in bed in a t-shirt and panties when a stealthy intruder creeps in and soaks her discarded pantyhose with chloroform. He wakes her up by forcing the drug-saturated nylons in her face while she sleeps. Darby immediately awakens and fights like crazy but cannot overcome the fumes. Once she is passed out cold, the rude creep manipulates her lifeless limbs and pulls down her panties to feel her luscious, creamy ass. He sneaks out right before she comes to, leaving her violated and confused. The scene is 8 minutes. The photo set contains 78 photos.

KOB0024 Chloro Torture starring Darby
Dastardly Dick wants information. Darby, the hot redhead detective tied to a chair in a skimpy outfit (sheer black nylons, mini skirt, leopard print top), is unwilling to cooperate. So, to teach her a lesson, Dick repeatedly holds a chloroform-soaked rag over her pretty face while she whimpers and shakes. He takes the rag away and gives her a few more chances to talk. She keeps refusing and finally winds up unconscious. Once she is out, Dick lifts her shirt and plays with her luscious natural tits. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 50 photos.

KOB0030 Body of Evidence starring Darby and Penny Flame
Steve Steele is a womanizer and a liar in this amusing knock-out video. When Penny comes to his house and angrily demands that he tell his wife, Darby, about their affair, Steve has no choice but to chloroform her and hide her body. Darby comes home, already suspicious of his cheating, and Steve has a hell of a time keeping the unconscious Penny concealed from her. As they argue around the house, he has to constantly distract Darby so he can carry Pennys body from room to room. Eventually he gets tired of the whole fiasco and chloroforms his irate wife. He puts both of the unconscious girls on the couch and poses them together, while resolving to keep them knocked out for the rest of his life. The scene contains many great carries and close-ups of Pennys sleeping face. The scene is 13.5 minutes. The photo set contains 122 photos.

KOB0036 More Coffee? starring Isabella Blue
Exotic Isabella goes for a job interview wearing her most professional secretarial outfit. She is really enthusiastic and hopeful about getting the job, but the boss who is interviewing her is excited for something else… He is waiting for the knock out drugs he put in her coffee to kick in. Sure enough, they do. Her eyes grow heavy and start to flutter uncontrollably as she struggles to stay awake. She bobs her head like it weighs a hundred pounds. She is so weary that she is unaware of the sexual remarks the boss is making. Finally, she passes out on the couch. The boss takes this opportunity to remove her bra and check out her perfect tits and pull her skirt up to see if she is wearing panties under those sheer tan nylons (nope!). The scene is 8.5 minutes. The photo set contains 49 photos.

KOB0040 Terrorized Tenant starring Jenni Lee
Looking tasty in jean shorts and a tight top, sexy blonde Jenni Lee is checking out an apartment when the lecherous landlord suddenly clubs her from behind. Jenni does one of the greatest eye-rolls ever and falls to the floor, unconscious. The guy starts fondling Jennis body and pulls up her shirt to squeeze her sweet little tits. He pulls up her eyelids, checking for any response. Jenni finally wakes up only to be hit on the head again and carried away in the guys arms. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 52 photos.

KOB0041 Blackmailer Black Out starring Jenni Lee
Jenni is smoking hot in black leather skirt, pantyhose and heels. She is blackmailing Steve, but Steve has other plans for her. When she attempts to count her money, Steve grabs her and and clasps a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. Jenni struggles hard but the fumes overtake her and, with plenty of eye-rolling, she passes out. Once she is unconscious, Steve carries her limp body in his arms and starts thinking about what he would like to do with her next… The scene is 1.5 minutes. The photo set contains 31 photos.

KOB0044 Posed Against Their Will starring Mary Jane Green & Jenni Lee
Two of our hottest models ever are chloroformed and fondled by lecherous photographers. Both girls look hot in short skirts, stockings and heels. Cute Jenni Lee is posing innocently for some photos when one guy sneaks up and chloroforms her. Jenni struggles hard, but her eyes roll up into her head and she passes out. Next, bitchy Mary Jane, poses for the same guys, she gets angry when asked to do nude photos, but is quickly subdued with chloroform. With much struggling and eye rolling the vivacious model goes limp. Lying next to each other on a couch the girls are stripped, and posed for some sexy unconscious photos. Both girls give fine performances in this thrilling scene. The scene is 11.5 minutes. The photo set contains 153 photos.

KOB0047 Jewell Subdued and Stripped starring Jewell Marceau
PHOTOS ONLY! Jewell is hanging out with a guy who gives her a beverage. It becomes clear he put something in her drink! She goes limp and he strips and fondles her perfect body. 84 photos.

KOB0049 Burglarized and Chloroformed starring Jewell Marceau
Busty brunette Jewell, casually dressed in jeans and a blue top, comes home and finds that someone has robbed her house. The robber sneaks up behind her and clasps a chloroform soaked rag over her face. He pins her down to the bed and holds the rag there until she is passed out. Then, he strips her to reveal and grope her magnificent, curvy body. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 76 photos.

KOB0052 Spy vs. Spy starring Jewell Marceau and Loren Chance
Super-spy Jewell is slinking along the roof in a skin tight red leather cat suit when her dark nemesis Loren, dressed in a skin tight black PVC catsuit and leather waist cincher, pounces on her. Loren slaps a chloroform cloth over Jewell’s face and subdues her fierce struggling while the chemical takes effect. Once Jewell is rendered helpless and unconscious, Loren opens her slinky body suit and fondles her tits. The scene is 2.5 minutes. The photo set contains 38 photos.

KOB0054 Sleepy Secretaries starring Jewell and Nina Neon
Two voluptuous secretaries are chloroformed, carried and fondled in this exciting scene. Sexy Jewell, in short skirt, tight top, pantyhose and heels, is attacked by a mysterious intruder and chloroformed. Jewell puts up an energetic fight, but her beautiful brown eyes roll back in her head and she passes out in his arms. Jewell is dragged to the couch where the creep opens her blouse and fondles her tits. When co-worker Nina approaches the guy carries Jewell over his shoulder and places her in the corner. Terrified by the site of her unconscious friend, Nina tries to call for help, but is quickly grabbed and chloroformed. She too fights hard, but the drug overwhelms her and, with plenty of great eye rolling, she falls unconscious. The guy drags Nina to the couch and then carries Jewell over to join her. Both girls are stripped and heavily fondled. The guy poses the girls in sexy positions before leaving them there unconscious. The scene is 13 minutes. The photo set contains 115 photos.

KOB0066 Lunch Break starring Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Mary Jane and Sinn are sexy coworkers. As they sit in their office chatting, the sleazy janitor brings them some chips and salsa. They voraciously consume the snacks, unaware that he put a powerful knock out drug in the salsa. In no time at all, the girls are disoriented and sleepy. They yawn and struggle to keep their eyes open, but eventually Sinn passes out on the floor. Mary Jane tries to help her unconscious friend but instead passes out beside her. The janitor sneaks back into the office to enjoy his new knocked out trophies. He poses both girls on the couch, removing some of their clothes and making them caress each other by manipulating their inert limbs. He pulls down Mary Janes pantyhose to caress her milky white flesh, and opens both girls’ shirts to expose their delicious tits. He pulls down Sinn’s hose too and takes some lewd photos of the knocked out hotties. The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 71 photos.

KOB0081 Sleepy Stripper starring Sinn Sage
Adorable brunette Sinn is applying for a job as an exotic dancer. She foolishly accepts a drug-spiked drink from the interviewer, and that is when the fun begins! As she answers his questions, she consumes more of the beverage. She starts dancing in an incredibly sexy manner as part of her audition, and the drug starts to take effect. She tries to keep dancing even though she has no balance and she is very dizzy and disoriented. She falls all over the place, but continues to dance and strip. When she finally passes out, she is only wearing sheer black panty hose and shiny black pumps. The interviewer creeps over to her limp body, takes off her pumps, and plays with her feet. Then he peels off her pantyhose and caresses her bare feet. The scene is 7.5 minutes. The photo set contains 33 photos.

KOB0182 Psycho Ex Boyfriend starring Stacy Burke and Nina Neon
Ninas psycho ex-boyfriend shows up at her apartment hoping to get her back. He first encounters her roommate Stacy and convinces her to drink some water he has secretly drugged. Stacy is powerless against the drug and, after walking around trying to wake up, she crashes to the floor unconscious. The jerk carries Stacy into the living room and plops her down on the couch. Nina arrives and wonders why her roommate is unconscious. The ex creeps up behind her and clasps a chloroformed rag over her mouth. Nina’s struggling is violent and maybe a little goofy and, after doing some cool eye-rolling, she passes out. The guy carries Nina over to the floor by Stacy and starts playing with her feet. Stacy wakes up but is quickly chloroformed. Nina wakes up next but is put right back to sleep as well. The guy then carries both girls, over his shoulder, one by one, upstairs. This is one of our early KO scenes and not up to our current standards. But it is pretty well acted and directed and the girls look hot. The scene is 12 minutes.

106 total minutes of video and 1030 photos. Collection #PKKOB0004

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