Knocked Out Superheroines 5 – Penny Flame, Mary Jane

Knocked Out Superheroines 5 starring Penny Flame, Mary Jane Green and Loren Chance
Having defeated The Black Python (delightfully evil Loren) in a previous video, junior superheroine Penny, in hot gold leotard, tights and red boots is sent to capture villainess Mary Jane. But in Clip 1, Mary Jane breaks into superheroine headquarters sneaks up on Penny and begins torturing her with her atomic neck pinch. Penny writhes in agony, allowing Mary Jane to handcuff her and tie a chloroform-soaked rag to her face. Penny fights hard to maintain consciousness but the drug is too potent and, with some great eye-rolling, she slowly sinks to the floor. Mary Jane takes the opportunity to fondle the limp, luscious body and naked breasts of her nemesis. She even takes photos before leaving her there helpless. When Penny awakens, she swears revenge. Mary Jane returns to her headquarters. Penny jumps her and, after a spirited struggle, Penny knocks her evil opponent unconscious with chloroform. Of course, she can not resist the temptation to fondle Mary Jane, which is very hot considering the tight outfit Mary Jane is wearing. Mary Jane wakes up bound to a chair and Penny convinces her to come over to the good side. But Loren sneaks in and chloroforms Penny while Mary Jane watches in horror. After fondling Penny for a while, Loren places a chloroformed cloth and mask over Mary Janes face and laughs as Mary Jane slips into unconsciousness. In Clip 2, Loren, looking amazing in skin-tight latex, strips the helpless heroines and, in an extremely erotic scene, fondles them like crazy. But, when Loren is distracted, the heroines wake up and chloroform her. She fights hard but then slips into unconsciousness. Of course, even the noble superheroines can not resist the desire to fondle Lorens hot body and naked tits. Scene #SHKO0019

Clip 1 is 24 minutes, Clip 2 is 25 minutes. Outtakes are 8 minutes. The photo set contains 198 photos. MP4 640×480

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