Knocked Out Superheroines 4 – Penny Flame, Darby, Loren


Knocked Out Superheroines 4 starring Penny Flame, Darby and Loren Chance<
Hard bodied Superheroines Gold Flame (Penny Flame) and Arachno-Girl (Darby) are out to bring down evil villainess Black Python (Loren Chance), but it will not be easy. In Clip 1, sporting their sexy revealing superheroine outfits, they break into Lorens lair. They are zapped into a prison surrounded by an impenetrable force field. Once in the chamber they are exposed to a gas that causes them gradually slip into unconsciousness. They awaken to find themselves bound and gagged, with the walls closing in on them! Together they use their powers to break out of the prison and nab the sexy super-evil Black Python. After bringing the Black Python to justice, the girls are promoted and given their own junior headquarters. Upon their arrival they are greeted by the voice of the unseen Dr. Samantha Deville, who claims she is a consultant to the League of Superheroines. Dr. Deville explains that they will be given a series of tests to assess their superpowers. Whoever performs better will become a senior member of the League. For their first test, they must try to knock one another unconscious with an extremely potent new variety of chloroform. Gold Flame uses her invisibility powers to trick Arachno-Girl and she knocks her out first. While Arachno-Girl is out cold, Gold Flame lifts her limp limbs and drops them like bricks to demonstrate just how powerful the chloroform is. Dr. Deville tries to convince Gold Flame to molest the knocked out super-hottie but she refuses. Arachno-Girl wakes up and now it is her turn. She summons some magic lightning to make Gold Flame too weak to resist, then she chloroforms her. Gold Flames eyes go back into her head and she drops like a fly to the floor. She awakens dazed, with a splitting headache. In Clip 2, the heroines must each drink a powerful sedative and compete to see who can stay conscious longer. The drug takes effect almost immediately and they find themselves fighting with every ounce of energy to stay awake. Finally, Arachno-Girl passes out and Gold Flame does seconds later, on her lap. Dr. Deville decides to advantage of the situation. We see only her hands as she comes out from hiding and starts fondling both Superheroines through their costumes, squeezing their tits and caressing their skin before going back into hiding. Later, the girls regain consciousness and it is time for their next test. The heroines must knock each other out with blunt force. Arachno-Girl delivers the first whack with a club to Gold Flames head. Bam! Gold Flame drops to the floor instantly. While she is zonked, Arachno-Girl decides to do a little fondling. She strips Gold Flame down, exposing her supple breasts, perfectly shaped nipples and sweet little pussy and fondles her delicious body. Gold Flame wakes up while she is being fondled, and feels offended and humiliated. Now it is Gold Flames turn and she could not be happier to knock Arachno-Girl out with a karate chop to the neck. While Arachnos out cold, Flame gets revenge. She leans over her, rubs their tits together and kisses her on the cheek and chest. Then she wakes her up by slapping her in the face with her boobs. Arachno-Girl is mad, but now it is time for their next test. They must take turns knocking each other out with chloroform again. Arachno-Girl goes first, attacking Gold Flame with a chloroform soaked rag. But Gold Flame is strong and she pushes her away. The girls go head to head trying to use their rags but they are evenly matched. Finally they both hold the rags to each other’s faces and pass out at the same time. Gold Flame wakes up first and ties Arachno-Girls wrists behind her back and cleave gags her. When Arachno-Girl wakes up, Gold Flame teases her and plays with her tits some more. She taunts her, saying that she is the better Superheroine and she is going to win the senior membership. In Clip 3, Black Python creeps up behind Gold Flame and chloroforms her, sending her crashing to the ground! Then she puts Arachno-Girl in a headlock and chokes her until she is rendered unconscious. Black Python takes liberties with her sleeping captives, stripping them down for some fondling and even pulling her own top down and manipulating their hands to cup her tits. But while Black Pythons distracted with Arachno-Girls smoking hot body, Gold Flame wakes up and chloroforms her from behind. The topless villainess falls back into the naked Superheroines grasp! The two victorious heroines drag python off to justice. Scene #SHKO0017

Clip 1 is 24 minutes, Clip 2 is 29 minutes, Clip 3 is 22 minutes. The photo set contains 296 photos. MP4 640×480

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