Knocked Out Superheroines 2 – Nina Neon and Jewell Marceau


Knocked Out Superheroines 2 starring Nina Neon & Jewell Marceau<
Madam Midnight, played by lusty Jewell Marceau, is out to destroy the superheroine, Neon Star. In Clip 1, she commands her henchman, Mr. Sinclair, to capture her and bring her to Midnights lair. The trap set by the evil duo works, and Neon Star is rendered unconscious with a bear hug. Then Neon Star has escaped the trap and returns to capture Sinclair. She fails. Sinclair chloroforms her and then fondles her lifeless body. Neon comes to and tries to escape but Sinclair knocks her out again with a brutal strangle-hold. This time he pulls down her top before groping her voluptuous tits. He finishes stripping her costume off, everything except her sexy tights. In Clip 2, Neon Star wakes up alone and puts the costume back on. When she tries to leave, she finds the door is impenetrably sealed. She is slowly rendered unconscious by knock-out gas oozing from underneath the door. Sinister Sinclair gropes her helpless body once more. Neon Star awakens and nearly escapes the evil lair when Sinclair knocks her out with a swift blow to the head. He pulls down her top and fondles her limp body until she comes to and has to be hit on the head once more. In Clip 3, Neon comes to and Sinclair interrogates her with chloroform torture. Madam Midnight orders Sinclair to hypnotize Neon and turn her evil. Neon unwittingly walks into the hypno-chamber and succumbs to the forces of evil. However, a special device she finds breaks the hypno-spell and she must battle the beastly Sinclair once more. His stranglehold proves to be too much for her. Some fun outtakes are included. Scene #SHKO0014

Clip 1 is 33 minutes, clip 2 is 17.5 minutes, clip 3 is 21 minutes. 720×480.

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