Knocked Out Naked Nurse – Celeste Star


Knocked Out Naked Nurse starring Celeste Star
Beautiful Celeste plays a nurse in this exciting scene. She comes home from work, looking lovely in her white dress, hose, socks and sneakers. She removes her shoes and goes to the kitchen. Meanwhile, a frightening villain has entered the house and is spying on Celeste. He takes some chloroform and some gauze from her medical bag. Sneaking up behind Celeste, he grabs her, clasping the chlora-soaked gauze over her face. Celeste puts up a good fight but soon her eyes roll up in her head and she falls unconscious in the guys arms. He picks her arm in his arms and carries her to the couch. He fondles and manipulates her body. But he wants more. So, he removes her dress and pantyhose, exposing her flawless form. After some more manhandling, he leaves his victim alone. Celeste awakens and staggers around the house in a daze. The villain has not gone far. He soaks her pantyhose in the drug, sneaks up and chloroforms Celeste again. He carries her back to the couch for some more fondling. But, when Celeste awakens again, he puts a surgical mask over her face and stuffs the chlora-soaked nylons inside it. Celeste breathes in the fumes and slowly slips into unconsciousness. Scene #KOB0305
21 minutes. The photo set contains 107 photos. MP4 640×480

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