Knocked Out Collection 9


Knocked Out Collection 9
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0247 The Janitor’s Crush starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane, looking gorgeous in skirt, blouse, black hose and heels, is working late at her office when the office handyman starts bothering her. To get rid of the guy, she lets him get her a bottle of water. Of course, he has drugged the water and Mary Jane begins to feel sleepy. She tries hard to stay awake…she tries reading but her vision is too blurry. She tries to get up a few times but keeps falling down. She finally passes out on the couch. Her mouth is slightly open which is really hot. The janitor returns and slowly opens Mary Janes blouse, pulls down her bra, pulls up her skirt and pulls down her pantyhose. He fondles her body sensuously while she is in a peaceful slumber, totally unaware of what’s happening. He re-dresses her and leaves. When Mary Jane wakes up again, she staggers to her office and tries to use the phone. But, the guy sneaks up and chloroforms her in her chair. He places her limp body on her desk, exposes her breasts and pussy, puts his floor mop and an empty liquor bottle next to her and leaves. The scene is 29 minutes. The photo set contains 65 photos.

KOB0250 Models Take Drugs starring Isabella Blue and Stacy Burke
Fetish star Stacy and beautiful Isabella play roommates who are rival lingerie models and who both want the same job. They look amazing in lingerie with garters and hose. Stacy gives Isabella a drink that has been drugged. Isabella yawns and rolls her eyes as she slowly falls asleep. Stacy drags her friend to another room and plays with her limp limbs before leaving for the modeling audition. Stacy returns. Isabella pretends that she does not know why she fell asleep. When Stacy lets her guard down, she is chloroformed by Isabella. Stacy is partially stripped and her tight body is fondled. Isabella removes both of their bras and rubs their luscious tits together while mounting Stacy. Stacy wakes up only to have Isabella hit her over the head and knock her out again. Stacy wakes up, sneaks up on Isabella and hits her over the head, knocking her out. She gropes Isabella’s lovely tits and stocking feet, then starts tying her up. She does not get far before Isabellas jealous girlfriend arrives and knocks Stacy out with a blow to the head. Finally, Stacy and Isabella are bound back to back. The cruel girlfriend ties chloroform-soaked rags to the girls faces. The rags have only enough of the drug to keep the girls in a semi-conscious state…which is how the girlfriend plans to keep them for a while. The scene is 31 minutes. The photo set contains 80 photos.

KOB0323 Sleeping Bitches starring Isabella Blue & Alicia Silver
Great chloroform scenes (with lots of eye-rolling) and plenty of hot fondling highlight this fun, exciting video. Alicia and Isabella star as the girlfriends of rival gangsters. Alicia plans to kidnap Isabella so she invites her over for a drink. When Isabella has her back turned, Alicia clasps a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. Isabella fight like hell and but the drug starts to take effect and her eyes start to roll up in her head. Isabella manages to break free, runs a few feet and collapses on a bed. Alicia pounces on her and smothers her with the chloro cloth until she is unconscious. Alicia lies on the bed next to her lifeless victim and plays with her limp body. She pulls off Isabellas dress and panties and fondles her luscious tits and slim body. She removes her own clothes and and touches Isabellas breasts with her stocking feet. Isabella awakens so Alicia slaps the chloroform over her face again. With lots of struggling and eye-rolling, Isabella passes out. Both girls are now fully nude and things get really hot when Alicia straddles Isabella and plays with her tits, fondling and licking them. Satisfied with the humiliation of her rival, Alicia gets dressed and leaves. Isabella awakens, grabs the cloth and chloroforms Alicia. Alicia resists but her eyes roll back and she slips into unconsciousness. Isabella gets some sweet revenge, partially undressing Alicia and playing with her body. When Alicia wakes up, she is quickly chloroformed again…this time, she passes out more quickly. When Alicias husband shows up, Isabella tries to hit him with a bottle but he gets the upper hand, chloroforms her and drags her to the bed. When Alicia wakes up and catches him preparing to grope Isabella, she gets really angry…so, he knocks her out with chloroform too. The girls awaken on the bed, naked, bound and gagged. The knock outs in this scene are very exciting and unusual. The actresses give great performances. Both girls do some amazing eye rolling and fluttering and the fondling is very erotic. The scene is 46 minutes. The outtakes are 10 minutes. The photo set contains 137 photos.

106 total minutes of 640×480 video and 282 photos. Collection #PKKOB0015

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