Knocked Out Collection 7


Knocked Out Collection 7
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0517 Sleepy Soup starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane looks hot in her shiny black leggings and sheer top. She stirs a pot of soup on the stove. When she steps out, a villain sneaks in and pours a drug into the pot. When MJ returns, the steam from the soup makes her drowsy. She tries desperately to stay awake. But, unable to stay standing, she staggers into the living room and passes out on the couch. The guy briefly plays with her limp body. The scene is 9 minutes, 1280×680. The photo set has 32 photos.

KOB0586 Professor Perv starring Chrissy Marie
This cute little scene was shot at the end of the day…there’s not much to it but it’s fun and Chrissy looks great. She’s a college girl in plaid skirt, white top and knee socks. She gets a visit from her professor Tim. He confesses that he’s in love with her! Chrissy is not interested and, when she’s not looking, Tim hits her on the head with a club. Stunned, she tries to stagger away but Tim hits her again and catches her in his arms as she falls. Plopping her on the bed, he opens her blouse and exposes her perfect breasts. Later, Tim sits on the bed with the unconscious Chrissy next to him and talks to her as if they’re a married couple. When she awakens, he cracks her on the head again and carries her away in his arms. A few seconds of outtakes are included. 8 minutes, 1280×720. The photo set contains 12 photos

KOB0613 Self-Induced starring Mary Jane Green
The gorgeous brunette looks especially stunning in a black corset with gloves and thigh high stocking. She teases you a bit and it thrilled when you give her a gift…a bottle of liquid and a piece of cloth. Mary Jane soaks the cloth and breathes some of the fumes. This turns her on so she breathes some more of it. Finally, she breathes enough that she goes limp. A hand reaches in and touches Mary Jane just a bit and removes her shoes. She wakes up but decides to try it again. The scene is 10 minutes, 1920×1080.

KOB0620 Sleepy Sablique starring Sablique Von Lux
Sexy Sablique knocks herself out with chloroform in this fun clip. The scene is 10 minutes, 1920×1080.

KOB0628 Her Sleepy Little Friend starring Nikki Next and Morgan DelRay
The girls are really cute and have a lot of fun in this sexy, non-nude clip. Nikki is so stressed about college that she hasn’t been able to sleep. Her friend Morgan tries to comfort her but is shocked when Nikki says she plans to use a substance to make her sleep. Morgan tries to discourage her but Nikki is insistent. She soaks a cloth with the liquid and tries holding it to her face a couple of times. Finally, she holds it long enough that her eyes start to roll and flutter. She falls over limp onto the bed but is still awake. So Morgan holds the cloth in place till Nikki’s eyes close. Morgan decides to have a little fun. She manipulates her friends limp body and limbs. But Morgan wants to go to sleep too. So she soaks the cloth and breathes it in until she falls limply over her sleeping friend. A few seconds of cute outtakes follow. The scene is 13 minutes, 1920×1080.

KOB0629 Fainting Friend starring Nikki Next and Morgan DelRey
Morgan tells Nikki that she had sex with her boyfriend! Upon hearing the news, Nikki’s eyes roll back and she faints, falling down on the bed. Morgan tries to wake her up and lifts her limp limbs. When she comes to, Nikki says she had the craziest dream where Morgan told her she slept with her boyfriend… Morgan tells her that actually happened and Nikki faints again! The scene is 5 minutes, 1920×1080.

KOB0631 Chloroformed Coworker starring Nikki Next and Morgan DelRey
Morgan and Nikki are coworkers and Morgan is talking about how she’s trying to get a promotion. Nikki breaks the news that the promotion was already granted and that she was the one who got it! Nikki is upset and leaves the room. She goes and soaks a cloth with chloroform, then sneaks up on Nikki and clasps is over her face from behind! Nikki’s eyes roll a bunch and she goes limp in Morgan’s arms. Morgan drags her away. Sweet limp revenge! The scene is 4 minutes, 1920×1080.

KOB06340630 Slammed at Work starring Sinn Sage, Nikki Next, Morgan DelRay
Two hit on the head scenes on one clip! In the first scene, sexy Sinn Sage is at work when the office is robbed. The thief needs to keep Sinn out of the way so he sneaks up on her and smacks her on the head with a club. She falls unconscious into her office chair. The guy can’t keep his hands off Sinn so he gropes her tits and body. When Sinn awakens and tries to stagger away, he cracks her on the head again. He carries her over his shoulder out of the office and takes her to his apartment. Sinn is stripped naked and heavily groped. When she wakes up, he hits her again and drags her naked body back to the bed. In the second scene, Nikki and Morgan are rival co-workers. Nikki sneaks up on Morgan but Morgan sees her. So Nikki hits her on the head from the front. Morgan falls back into her chair and Nikki manipulates her limbs, mocking her. The scene is 18 minutes, 1920×1080.

77 total minutes of video and 44 photos. Collection #PKKOB0013

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