Knocked Out Collection 6


Knocked Out Collection 6
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0332 Out Like a Flickering Flame starring Loren Chance
In this unusual scene, Loren, looking great in jeans and clingy top, tries to relax at home, next to a scented candle. But the candle is more scented than Loren expected. A villain has put a heat-activated knock out drug on it. As the candle burns, the fumes cause Loren to become very sleepy. She tries desperately to stay awake. She staggers all around the house, her eyes fluttering. Finally, she passes out. The guy partially undresses Loren and plays with her limp limbs. He takes photos of her in various positions. When Loren awakens, she finds herself face to face with the criminal and promptly faints, falling back onto her chair. The scene is 16 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 61 photos.

KOB0335 Prescription Drugs starring Isobel Wren
Isobel is nervous about having to testify in a criminal court case so the doctor has given her some pills for her anxiety. When Isobel is not looking, someone replaces the label on her pills so that it says to take 5 pills instead of 1! Isobel, looking particularly hot in black leather pants and sexy top, takes 5 pills as instructed. The drugs take effect quickly. Her eyes roll and she becomes very sleepy. She stumbles around the house trying to stay awake. But, she finally falls over and passes out. The scene is 6 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 39 photos.

KOB0336 Watch Your Head starring Loren Chance
Loren keeps hitting her head! First, she tries to put a heavy box on a high shelf in her kitchen. But, the box falls on her head and Loren falls to the floor unconscious. She looks great in tight jeans and sweater, her limbs sprawled out on the floor. When she awakens, she tries again but the box falls on her again, knocking her out. She wakes up and tries to get up but the trauma to her head was so bad that she just falls unconscious again. Later, in her bedroom, she tries to lift an even larger box. The box falls on her head and Loren crashes unconscious to the floor. When she wakes up, she tries again but gets hit a second time and ends up unconscious on the floor. She awakens and finally manages to get the box on the shelf. But just when she thinks she is safe, it falls and knocks her out again. Later, Loren is on her knees trying to fix a table. When the phone rings, Loren lifts her head and slams it against the table, knocking her unconscious. She lies there unconscious for a while before waking up and continuing her work. But, the phone rings and, you guessed it, she knocks herself out again! The scene is 21 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 115 photos.

KOB0385 My Two Wives starring Berlin and Nina Neon
Nina is doing yard work while Berlin listens to music with headphones. When a psycho chloroforms Nina, she tries to get Berlins attention but Berlin just dances to the music she is listening to. The guy then chloroforms the unsuspecting Berlin and carries the girls into the house. He is a polygamist and he wants two wives. So he sets up a pretend household with his two unconscious wives. He positions them in various domestic situations–at the washing machine, at the stove (Nina wakes up and is hit with a frying pan). He even brushes Berlins teeth and washes Nina in the bathtub. The girls wake up and the guy knocks them out with a club before settling in for a quiet night at home. The scene is 14 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 164 photos.

KOB0402 The Gardener Has a Fetish starring Samantha Ryan and Stacy Burke
Samantha and Stacy were just talking about how creepy the lawn guy is when the guy shows up to get paid. While the girls step out to get his money, the creep drugs their drinks. He leaves and the girls continue to gossip while they enjoy their drinks. Before long, the girls become very tired and, although they try to keep each other awake, they pass out. The guy returns and fondles the girls. He gives plenty of attention to their nyloned legs and removes their shoes so he can enjoy their cute feet. He poses the girls in a suggestive position and leaves them. The scene is 15 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 40 photos.

KOB0419 No Fun for Mary Jane starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane looks totally hot in this short, simple knock out scene. MJ, in short black dress, hose and heels is waiting to go to a party when a guy sneaks up and chloroforms her. The guy plays with her body a bit, exposing her hot tits and fondling her legs. The scene is 3 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 36 photos.

KOB0456 Absinthe of Malice starring Mary Jane Green
Looking extremely hot in a short black dress, Mary Jane comes home from a party and drinks a liqueur that someone has given her. But, the drink is drugged and she becomes very tired. After struggling to stay awake, and even trying to walk, MJ passes out on the couch. The scene is 12 minutes, 640×480. The photo set contains 42 photos.

KOB0516 The Snob Faints starring Mary Jane Green
In this funny, campy scene, rich girl Mary Jane comes home from a party in a sexy dress and black stockings. Her husband tells her that some new people have moved in next door. But, when he tells her about the new neighbors, Mary Jane is horrified by what she hears and she faints 3 times. The guy can not resist pulling her dress up. The scene is 9 minutes, 1280×680. The photo set contains 23 photos.

KOB0545 Job Competition starring Mary Jane Green and Loren Chance
Loren tells Mary Jane she’s struggling to find a job, and Mary Jane starts telling her vaguely about the job about the job she just applied for herself. Loren pries details out of her, and walks away to use the computer to “look something up.” Mary Jane pours a liquid on some fruit and gives the fruit to Loren when she comes back from the computer. The substance starts to take effect and Loren gets sleepier and sleepier until she goes unconscious. That’s what she gets for trying to steal Mary Jane’s job! The scene is 8 minutes, 1280×680. The photo set contains 26 photos.

104 total minutes of video and 546 photos. Collection #PKKOB0012

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