Knocked Out Collection 4


Knocked Out Collection 4
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0232 Kitchen Chloro starring Anastasia Pierce
Gorgeous brunette Anastasia, in a casual skirt and top, calmly washes dishes in her kitchen. She has no idea she is being watched by a vicious criminal. The guy sneaks up and smothers her with a chloroform-soaked rag. With her eyes full of terror, Anastasia fights against the villains tight grip. But, soon her eyes flutter and she goes limp in the guys arms. He drags her limp body to the living room and puts her in a chair. He roughly plays with her body and poses her. Anastasia wakes up and tries to stagger away but the brute returns and uses the cloth on her again. He strips her naked and gropes her tits, ass and body. Finally, he carries her away over his shoulder. The scene is 10.5 minutes. The photos set contains 73 photos.

KOB0271 Drinking on the Job starring Karlie Montana
Office babe Karlie is hard at work when the creepy janitor enters and pesters her, trying to get a date. She tries to ignore him, but he can not take a hint. While her head is turned, the janitor puts some chloroform in her coffee mug. She starts gradually getting fatigued, struggling to keep her head from clunking down on her desk. Eventually, she passes out. The janitor returns to claim his unconscious prize. He slowly strips her limp body out of her office clothes until she is fully nude. He plays with her hair and manipulates her unconscious head, then leaves her there to be found in the morning… The scene is 11.5 minutes. The photo set contains 34 photos.

KOB0277 Nosy Nurse starring Miko Sinz
Miko is a hot Asian nurse who stumbles on some documents containing incriminating information about her boss, Dr. Luke. Now, the unethical doctor must hold Miko captive. Miko is actually talking to the doctor when, in mid-sentence, he clasps a chloroform-soaked black cloth over Miko’s mouth and nostrils, forcing her to breathe in the drug. She fights hard and tries to pry his hands off of her, but between Dr. Lukes strength and the potency of the chloroform, she soon becomes too weak to fight and she passes out. The doctor lays her down on the bed, where he strips her out of her nurse uniform and sheer white pantyhose, leaving her incredible body completely nude. He then proceeds to grope and molest her, licking her tits and caressing her smooth skin. Realizing that he must continue with his experiments, the doctor tries to resist his urges for a moment and comes at Miko with a surgical instrument. But, Miko wakes up and the doctor chloroforms her again, this time with a wad of gauze held by a pair of medical tongs. Miko’s eyes flutter and dart around in their sockets until she slips into unconsciousness once again. The scene is 6 minutes. The photo set contains 35 photos.

KOB0296 My Fainting Friend starring Darby
Darby comes home from work looking cute in a short denim skirt. Platonic friend Dave gives her some news from her doctor and it causes Darby to faint and fall to the couch. Dave can not resist Darbys limp body and quickly begins to fondle her. Darby wakes up a couple more times only to faint again when she is given more news. Each time, Dave has fun playing with her body. The scene is 8 minutes. The photo set contains 43 photos.

KOB0312 A Favor for a Friend starring Ariel Anderssen
Ariel is too cute to describe as she innocently talks to her platonic male friend about a recent modeling job. The job was a chloroform video and, although she was a little apprehensive about it, she was also intrigued. In her sexy voice, she describes the scene and what it felt like. She asks the guy to knock her out with chloroform. Reluctantly, he agrees. Once the cloth is over her face, Ariel realizes how nasty it is and struggles hard. Soon, her eyes roll up in her head and she passes out. The guy cannot resist the allure of Ariels limp body. He undresses her and runs his hands all over her soft skin and fondles her tits. He dresses her again and Ariel awakens, never knowing what he did. The scene is 11.5 minutes. The photo set contains 38 photos.

KOB0328 Cannot Keep My Eyes Open starring Isobel Wren
Sweet Isobel, looking very cute in jeans, top and black boots, comes home and gets a drink of water. When she is out of the room, an intruder drugs the water. Isobel drinks it and becomes very sleepy. She yawns and struggles to keep her eyes open. Finally, she can not stay up any longer and she passes out. The villain returns for just a bit of fun. He poses his limp victim and takes photos of her. Isobel awakens and has no idea anything has happened. The scene is 9.5 minutes. The photo set contains 41 photos.

KOB0329 The Towel Made Her Tired starring Loren Chance
Loren gives a fine performance in this unusual scene. Looking hot in business skirt outfit with tan pantyhose and heels, Loren comes home from work wanting only to wash up and relax. But, a sinister villain has poured chloroform on a towel and, when Loren dries her face with it, she is overcome by the fumes. Staggering into the living room, she falls to the couch and tries to stay awake. But the guy places the towel over her face and, too weak to push it away, Loren passes out. The intruder partially strips Loren and places her in some suggestive positions so he can take photos of her. Loren awakens drowsy and confused and the guy pushes her face down onto the towel, knocking her out again. Lorens eye-rolling is phenomenal. Due to a lighting problem, the photos from this scene are not very good. The scene is 13 minutes. The photo set contains 48 photos.

KOB0333 Calling for Help starring Mary Jane Green
The beautiful brunette is very excited about some important documents from her company. Talking on the phone to a friend, she brags about her boss entrusting her with them. But, a villain has applied some chloroform to the phone and poor Mary Jane begins to get drowsy. Looking hot in a short skirt, cute sweater and boots, she tries desperately to stay awake and continue talking but her words become slurred and her eyes roll up. She staggers to her bed and lies down but, realizing something is wrong, she staggers back to the living room but passes out cold before she can call for help. The scene is 9.5 minutes. The photo set contains 60 photos.

KOB0337 Sleepy French Maid starring Mary Jane Green
Hot brunette Mary Jane goes to work for a house-cleaning service and finds that the job requires her to dress in an extremely sexy French Maid costume with garter stockings and very high heels. MJ is uncomfortable wearing the costume but agrees to clean the managers house in order to get the job. Little does she know that the guy has spiked her cleaning liquid with a potent knock out drug. When she sprays the cleanser on the coffee table, she immediately feels sleepy. She continues but the drug makes her more and more drowsy as she cleans other furniture. Her eyes roll up in her head but she keeps working. When she uses her cleaning rag to wipe her brow, the drug really takes effect and she passes out on the couch. The creepy manager pulls her top down, exposing her tits and manipulates her body a bit. When Mary Jane wakes up, he reprimands her for falling asleep and orders her to take a big whiff of the cleaning fluid so that she gets used to it. Of course, she obeys and quickly passes out again. The scene is 13 minutes. The photo set contains 49 photos

KOB0353 Wash-chlorf starring Samantha Ryan and Sinn Sage
Gorgeous Samantha is watching tv, looking beautiful in her cute undies, when roommate Sinn starts making unwanted sexual advances toward her. Feeling uncomfortable, Sam goes to bed. Later, Sinn enters Samantha’s room and douses a washcloth in chloroform. She places the cloth over her friends mouth and nose. Samantha awakens but can not do anything because the drug has already started to take effect. She tries to get up but is too weak. While Sinn looks on and touches herself, Samantha’s eyes flutter and she passes out. Sinn undresses her gorgeous victim and fondles her all over. She even turns her over and plays with her tasty ass. When Samantha awakens, she is horrified. Sinn clasps the cloth over her face and knocks her out again. Samantha has very expressive eyes and she looks great as she is being knocked out. The scene is 15 minutes. The photo set contains 81 photos.

KOB0357 Celeste Asleep starring Celeste Star
Gorgeous Celeste is working at home when an intruder spikes her drink. Celeste, looking incredible in tight jeans, top and boots, gets very tired and begins to yawn. When she can no longer stay awake, she lies back on the couch and falls asleep. The guy returns and removes her boots while she sleeps. Under her boots, Celeste wears some tight blue socks. She wiggles her toes and moves her feet around as she sleeps. Later, he removes her socks, giving you some great views of her lovely bare feet with painted toenails. Celeste wakes up and is confused to find herself barefoot. The scene is 15 minutes. The photo set contains 62 photos.

KOB0388 Trisha Drugged starring Trisha Uptown
Trisha makes a lovely victim in this simple, hot scene. Trisha hangs out at home in her short dress, tan pantyhose and heels, completely unaware that someone is spying on her. When she steps out of the room, a man drugs her drink. Trisha takes a few sips and soon she becomes very tired. She slowly falls asleep. The guy enters and manipulates her body a bit. He takes off her boots and plays with her feet. The scene is 9 minutes. The photo set contains 38 photos.

KOB0421 Knock Yourself Out starring Mary Jane Green
The gorgeous brunette enjoys some chloroform at home. Looking hot in stylish skirt outfit and black hose, she soaks a cloth in chloroform and breathes in the fumes. Her eyes roll and she gets very sleepy but she is totally turned on. She caresses her body and breasts and writhes in ecstasy. She takes a few more whiffs of the drug and, with eyes rolling, she strips to just her pantyhose and continues to rub herself all over. Finally, she breathes in enough fumes that she passes out. The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 57 photos.

143 total minutes of 640×480 video and 650 photos. Collection #PKKOB0010

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