Knocked Out Collection 3


Knocked Out Collection 3
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0014 Back Yard Peril starring Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia is lounging in the back yard when a brutal thug sneaks up and chloroforms her. Once she is out cold, he carries her inside into the bedroom, where he strips her naked and fondles her beautiful creamy flesh. He manipulates her limbs and squeezes her succulent tits, then he spreads her legs to expose her sweet ginger snatch. She comes to with a massive headache, unaware of what has happened and unaware that the criminal is still lurking behind her, waiting to knock her out again. He presses the chloroform rag to her dazed face once again and knocks her out. The scene is 10.5 minutes. The photo set contains 125 photos.

KOB0097 Bible Belted starring Anastasia Pierce and Isabella Blue
Dressed in sexy lingerie, strippers Anastasia and Isabella are rehearsing their exotic dance act when a church missionary stops by to save them from sin. After foolishly letting him into the house, both girls are hit over the head with a holy book (it is a really big book). The demented preacher strips the girls out of their sexy outfits and dresses them in prim and proper church attire. The girls awaken and try to flee but the holy man slams them in the head again. The scene is 9.5 minutes. The photo set contains 138 photos.

KOB0145 Unrequited Lust starring Sammie Rhodes and Sinn Sage
Bad girl Sinn tells blonde Sammie she has a crush on her. Sammies reaction is not what Sinn was hoping for, which is too bad for Sammie… If Sinn cant have her, no one can! Sinn sneaks up on Sammie as she is about to leave and attacks her with a chloroformed rag. Sammie struggles hard to stay conscious, but Sinn’s grip is as firm as the drug is strong, and soon enough Sammie is knocked out on the couch. This scene includes an alternate take of Sinn knocking out Sammie. The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set has 29 photos.

KOB0233 Revenge, Knock Out Style starring Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green
Sexy Sinn lounges at home in a business skirt outfit and heels, totally pleased with the fact that she has made piles of money off an idea that is not even hers! Her ex-friend Mary Jane barges in and demands the money that Sinn made from HER idea. Sinn denies any wrong-doing so Mary Jane uses a black cloth to chloroform her. Sinn, who is seated when she is grabbed, struggles against Mary Janes grip but soon her eyes roll up in her head and she falls onto the floor, unconscious. Mary Jane shows her contempt by stripping Sinn naked and roughly fondling her body and tits. Left alone, Sinn awakens and tries to crawl away. But, just as she gets to her feet, Mary Jane attacks her again. Despite being tired, Sinn struggles hard but the fumes are too much for her and, with plenty of eye fluttering, she passes out. Mary Jane announces to the unconscious Sinn that she has set the house on fire and leaves her there…her fate uncertain! The scene is 11 minutes. The photo set contains 93 photos.

KOB0235 Knocked Out Dominatrix starring Stacy Burke
Sexy dominatrix Stacy is wearing a really hot PVC corset and thigh-high boots in this interesting scene. The mistress gets the punishment this time when she goes to see a client with a knockout fetish. He drugs her drink. Stacy tries to remain in charge, dominating her client and telling him to lick her boots, but she begins to slur her words as she gets sleepy. She falls to the couch and slips away into unconsciousness. Once she is unconscious, the client undoes her corset to cop a feel of her voluptuous breasts. Removing her boots, he caresses her feet and legs, then leaves her there. She wakes up, but before she can even start to wonder what happened, the creepy client sneaks up behind her in a hockey mask and smothers her with a chloroform-soaked rag until she’s unconscious. Later, Stacy wakes up topless, cloth-gagged and handcuffed to a post in the guys house. The scene is 19 minutes.

KOB0252 Platonic Perv starring Nina Neon
Nina, in a hot silver mini-dress, is hanging out with her platonic male friend. The guy gives Nina a drugged drink which she quickly imbibes. Nina manages to stay awake for a long time. She yawns and staggers around, trying to dance to some music, as the drug takes effect. Finally, she sits on the couch and goes to sleep. The roommate strips and fondles Nina’s limp, luscious body. Then, sweetheart that he is, he slips her dress back on her, lays her down on the couch and puts a blanket over her. The scene is 21 minutes.

KOB0278 Cutie Gets Chloroformed starring Karlie Montana
Sexy redhead Karlie is doing her laundry when a degenerate breaks into her house. He stalks her for a bit, getting ready to carry out his devious plan. He douses a cloth in chloroform. Karlie leaves the laundry room briefly. When she returns, the villain sneaks up on her and covers her mouth and nose with the cloth, forcing her to breathe in the fumes. Karlie’s eyes go wide and she fights the assailant with all her strength. But, eventually, her eyes flutter (quite convincingly) and she passes out. The villain tosses her limp body over his shoulder and carries her over to the couch. There, he gropes her over her clothes for a while before stripping her nude. He then proceeds to suck and bite her perky nipples and lick her perfectly flat stomach. He flips her over like a ragdoll and gives her supple ass a spanking. He even helps himself to a bite of one of her luscious cheeks. He flips her back over and shifts focus back to her tits. When Karlie wakes up, the villain douses a wad of gauze in chloroform and puts it in a dust mask, which he fits over her face. The chloroform takes effect. Her eyes flutter wildly and she passes out again. The villain continues to molest her. The scene is 9 minutes. The photo set contains 71 photos.

KOB0519 That Weird Girl starring Samantha Ryan and Loren Chance
Samantha, looking gorgeous in a short dress and high heels, comes home from a party. She tells her friend on the phone that a weird girl was coming on to her at the party. While she talks, evil Loren appears and soaks a cloth with chloroform. Loren sneaks up and hits Samantha on the head. While Samantha is dazed, Loren ties the cloth over her mouth like a gag. Samantha fights but Loren grabs her arms. With some great eye-rolling, Samantha passes out. Loren pulls Samantha over her lap and starts playing with her body. She pulls her top down and gropes her tasty tits. When Samantha awakens, Loren chloroforms her again. About a minute of outtakes are included with the scene. 7 minutes. The photo set has 54 photos.

92 total minutes of 640×480 video and 510 photos. Collection #PKKOB0009

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