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Knocked Out Collection 2


Knocked Out Collection 2
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0010 Bachelor Bitches starring Anna Mills and Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia and Anna are contestants on a television dating show and are both vying for the attention of a bachelor. When Anna is not looking, Anastasia chloroforms her, strips her naked and fondles her all over. She then drags Anna outside and leaves her lying naked on a lawn chair. When the bachelor shows up, Anastasia tells him that Anna got drunk and passed out there! The scene ends with about a minute and a half of great outtakes. The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 76 photos.

KOB0011 Dreadful Surprise starring Anastasia Pierce and Berlin
Stealthy Anastasia is hiding in Berlin’s house, waiting for her with a chloroform soaked rag. When Berlin walks by, Anastasia lunges out and stuffs the rag in her startled face. Berlin fights hard but eventually succumbs to the fumes she involuntarily inhales. Anastasia drags her limp body to the couch and pulls Berlin’s enormous breasts out of her shirt. Anastasia squeezes and sucks Berlin’s nipples. The molestation gets more hot and more naked when Anastasia pulls down her own shirt so she can press her lovely tits against Berlin’s. Anastasia fondles Berlin’s sexy body through her clothes and caresses her own moist crotch under her skirt. The scene is 6 minutes. The photo set contains 48 photos.

KOB0045 Rivals with Rags starring Mary Jane Green and Jenni Lee
Two incredibly hot girls, knock each other out with chloroform in this existing scene. Jenni and Mary Jane are roommates who both want the same modeling job. Devious Mary Jane sneaks up on Jenni and chloroforms her. Before leaving for the job, Mary Jane takes the opportunity to strip her sexy rival and fondle her beautiful tits and body. When Mary Jane returns, she thinks Jenni is still unconscious. But when she turns her back, Jenni sneaks up and knocks her out with chloroform. Revenge is sweet as Jenni pulls down Mary Jane’s top and sucks on her nipples. She then pulls Mary Jane’s pantyhose down and fondles her some more. This is a very hot scene, with two great actresses! The scene is 11 minutes. The photo set contains 124 photos.

KOB0053 Lazy Afternoon starring Jewell Marceau and Nina Neon
It is a hot day, and Nina and Jewell are lounging in the living room in skimpy outfits. Nina is wearing the see-through lacy lingerie and Jewell’s wearing a tiny halter top and even tinier shorts as well as knee-hi, stiletto-heel leather boots. Nina is not keen to Jewell’s lascivious advances, so Jewell knocks her out with chloroform. While Nina is unconscious and helpless on the floor, Jewell gropes her delicious ass and tits. When Nina comes to, Jewell chloroforms her again. She pulls down her own top to rub her enormous tits against Nina’s supple body. Then she holds the chloroform cloth against her own face until she is out cold. When Nina wakes up again, she is disoriented and believes the outrageous story Jewell invents to explain why they were both half-naked and knocked out. The scene is 20 minutes. The photo set contains 137 photos.

KOB0067 The Stoners starring Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Mary Jane and Sinn are hanging out, getting ridiculously high on marijuana when the munchies hit them. While they’re out of the room getting snacks, an anonymous intruder sneaks in and adds knock out drops to their bong water! The girls return and continue to smoke, unintentionally inhaling the knock out drug. They start to get very sleepy and disoriented, eventually passing out on the living room floor. Once they are unconscious, the intruder returns to play with their bodies like sexy puppets. He reveals himself as an undercover drug agent, and he carries both limp hotties away to fingerprint them. He returns them, still unconscious, when he is finished his sneaky investigation and they awaken to discover the horrible consequences of his tampering. The scene is 10.5 minutes. The photo set contains 58 photos.

KOB0082 Knocked Out Nurse starring Sinn Sage
Sinn is a sexy, kindly nurse attending to cranky patient Steve. When she tries to give him a sedative injection, he grabs the needle out of her hand and jabs it in her soft flesh. She starts to feel the drugs effects immediately, falling to the floor as she struggles to remain awake. Finally, she passes out cold and the perverted convalescent Steve musters up the energy to strip and molest her vulnerable body. He unbuttons her crisp white uniform, exposing her creamy, pert tits. He manipulates her listless limbs and pretends to give her a physical check up. When she comes to, he soaks some gauze in ether, presses it to her face and sends her back into unconscious oblivion. The scene is 9 minutes. The photo set contains 100 images.

KOB0099 Back-stabbing Bitches! starring Anastasia and Tori Sinclair
Anastasia and Tori are two sexy ladies who just scored a briefcase full of cash after blackmailing a man with dirty pictures. But both of these evil bitches plan on stealing the others cut of the money. Anastasia, unaware that Tori has already drugged her drink, suddenly attacks Tori and holds a chloroform soaked rag over Toris mouth and nose. After quite a fight, Tori stops struggling. Her eyes flutter and she passes out. While Anastasia taunts and toys with the unconscious Tori, she begins to feel drowsy. She yawns and her eyes grow heavy and, eventually, she goes to sleep. The girls look incredible sitting unconscious on the couch in short skirts and nylons.. Anastasia wakes up and stumbles around the room in a daze. Tori also awakens, picks up the briefcase, and hits Anastasia over the head, knocking her unconscious. Tori sits down with the money and is just getting ready to celebrate her victory when a surprise twist occurs, leaving both girls unconscious again! The scene is 10 minutes. The photo set contains 51 photos.

KOB0100 Knocked Out Waitress starring Berlin
Multiple carries highlight this scene as sexy Berlin arrives home from work in her waitress outfit –orange shorts, white top, tan pantyhose and sneakers. Two strangers break in and chloroform her. When a maintenance man shows up, the guys have to carry Berlin around a bit to keep her hidden. When she wakes up, she is chloroformed again and left on the floor. The scene is 6 minutes. The photo set contains 80 photos.

KOB0104 Knock Out Strap On Surprise starring Charlie Laine and Stacy Burke
Two of our most popular models, Charlie and Stacy are pantyhose-clad office gals in this hot knockout scene. Sexy Charlie comes home from a long day at work. She refuses the lovely Stacy’s advances, so Stacy knocks her out with an airpump filled with a sedative vapor. While Charlie’s out cold, Stacy lifts her bra, yanks down her panties her and gropes her. Then, she puts on a strap-on dildo and straddles her lifeless body as the scene fades out. The scene is 4.5 minutes. The photo set contains 28 photos.

KOB0112 Knocked Out & Naked Virgin starring Sinn Sage and Jassie
Sinn is drunk, surly, and out to get Jassie in this exciting knock-out scene. As Jassie gets ready to go out, the heavily intoxicated Sinn breaks into her house and hits her over the head with a wine bottle. Sinn drags Jassie’s limp body to the couch and angrily strips and gropes her. Sinn takes out some of her aggression by biting Jassie’s nipples and spanking her ass. When Jassie wakes up in the middle of Sinn’s outrageous torment, Sinn hits her over the head again, this time with a club. Then Sinn gets a devilish idea. After making sure Jassie’s completely out, she strips her naked and drags her outside, leaving her sprawled on a park bench. Jassie awakens frightened and confused. The scene is 11 minutes. The photo set contains 100 pictures.

KOB0113 Three’s Company Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Dressed in a hot mini skirt and tank top, beautiful Mary Jane rejects roommate Steve’s romantic advances. So he chloroforms her and places her on the couch. When roommate Sinn enters, looking super cute in short denim shorts and t-shirt, Steve professes his love for her too. She also rejects him and gets a taste of the chloroform rag. With both girls knocked out, Steve undresses them, fondles them and manipulates them to fondle each other. Both girls are chloroformed a second time when they awaken. The scene is 12.5 minutes. The photo set contains 118 photos.

KOB0122 Door to Door Chloroform starring Promise and Sinn Sage
Slave trader Sinn, looking sexy in black hose, heels, and short skirt, needs another slave to complete an order . Luckily for her, door to door sale girl Promise comes over, looking chaste and virginal in a white dress and white heels. After chloroforming her victim, Sinn is joined by her henchman and the two strip Promise, fondling her supple body and eventually carrying her away. Some great outtakes include an alternate take of Sinn chloroforming Promise, a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot and more groping of Promises supple ass and tits. The scene is 9 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set contains 84 photos.

KOB0129 Breakfast with Tiffany starring Tiffany Taylor
Incredibly beautiful Tiffany is excited about her first day on a new job and wants to start her day with a nice bowl of cereal. What she does not know is that a sadistic criminal is hiding in her kitchen and he has drugged the cereal! Tiffany becomes really tired and her eyes get really heavy. She tries to wake herself up but it is no use. She passes out at the table and is carried to the bedroom where the creepy intruder strips her and dresses her in some extremely sexy lingerie. He then enjoys fondling her lifeless body through the sheer material. When Tiff awakens, she is promptly chloroformed again. The scene is 13 minutes. The photo set contains 80 photos.

KOB0135 Sleepy Audition starring Ariel Anderssen and Mary Jane Green
Just a quickie…Ariel, looking tasty in short skirt, top and boots comes to see Mr. Anton for an acting audition. But, while Ariel chats, MJ sneaks up and chloroforms her. The scene is 1.5 minutes. The photo set contains 21 photos.

143 total minutes of 640×480 video and 1100 photos. Collection #PKKOB0008

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