Knocked Out Collection 11


Knocked Out Collection 11
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0253 Knocked Out Nudes starring Penny Flame, Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Luscious Penny, in tight, sexy exercise clothes, walks on a treadmill, unaware that she is being stalked. A male assailant sneaks up and clasps a cloth over her face. She struggles hard but, with lots of excellent eye fluttering, she passes out in the guys arms. He carries her to a couch and leaves her there. Soon after, Sinn, in cute business outfit, comes looking for her friend and meets the same fate. She is carried away and placed on the couch next to Penny. Roommate Mary Jane comes home to find the two girls unconscious … and is thrilled! The attacker is her boyfriend and they plan to photograph the girls and sell the pictures. Mary Jane strips and fondles Sinn while the boyfriend take photos. Mary Jane takes off her own clothes, revealing her lovely feminine curves. Then she strips Penny, fondles both her and Sinn and poses them in provocative positions for the camera. When Penny wakes up, MJ’s lecherous boyfriend chloroforms her again. She puts up a good fight but he is able to knock her out again. Then the posing, groping and licking gets hotter and hotter still! Amidst the perversion, Sinn wakes up and is chloroformed by the boyfriend. To complete her twisted plan, Mary Jane has to knock herself out so she can pretend she was also a victim. She tries holding the chloroform to her face a few times but can not knock herself unconscious. So, her boyfriend does it for her. Later, the three girls wake up and groggily discuss what happened to them. The scene is 42 minutes. The photo set contains 192 photos.

KOB0269 Knock Out Plot starring Mary Jane Green and Chanta Rose
On a TV news broadcast, sexy detective Chanta says she is out to capture a thief who has been robbing local companies. Uniformed guard Mary Jane is patrolling her assigned premises. Suddenly, the thief attacks her from behind, clasping a cloth over her face. Mary Jane struggles hard but can’t escape the guy’s grip. With her eyes rolling, the slips into unconsciousness. He starts to undress Mary Jane but Chanta arrives. She and the thief are partners! Chanta’s vow to capture the guy was a scam. Chanta demands that the thief step aside while she strips and fondles Mary Jane. She lifts Mary Janes bra to reveal her lovely tits, then hikes up her skirt and pulls down her pantyhose. After fondling her bare feet and legs, Chanta helps herself to some groping and licking of Mary Jane’s tits. She ties Mary Jane up while she is unconscious. Then, when Mary Jane wakes up, the guy chloroforms her again. Mary Jane is gagged with her own pantyhose. When Mary Jane becomes semi-conscious, Chanta removes Mary Janes gag and acts like she is there to rescue her! Later, Mary Jane returns home. Chanta appears in a news broadcast. Mary Jane has a sudden flash of memory and realizes that Chanta was in on the crime. Later, MJ arranges a meeting with Chanta. Mary Jane sneaks up on her and chloroforms her. During the struggle, Mary Jane yanks down Chantas slutty top to reveal her amazing tits. With Chanta out cold, Mary Jane gropes and licks her tits and perfect nipples. Chanta wakes up and is quickly subdued again by chloroform. Mary Jane then ties Chanta up, gags her with a bandana and stashes her limp body against the wall. Chanta wakes up again and Mary Jane taunts her. Mary Jane appears in a news broadcast where she claims that she saved Chanta from the thief. Later, Chanta sneaks up on MJ and chloroforms her. Chanta strips and fondles MJ’s amazing body for a while, straddling the sleeping beauty. Then, the thief shows up and chloroforms Chanta. He drags her over to the sofa. There, he poses her with Mary Jane and exposes her supple breasts. Sleeping together, the two girls look tempting and peaceful all at once. The outtakes feature alternate shots from the chloro scenes. The scene is 44 minutes. Outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set contains 170 photos.

KOB0320 Dumb, Trashy, and Unconscious starring Nina Neon and Alicia Silver
Nina and Alicia star as friends (sort of) who are both auditioning for the same modeling job. They both look amazing in tight, shiny, ultra-slutty clothes. Alicia gives Nina a drugged drink and the two girls begin practicing their modeling moves. Nina suddenly finds herself getting sleepy but tries to keep modeling. Her legs get more and more unsteady and she ends up falling down several times before finally passing out. Nina does an incredible job in this scene…there is plenty of great eye-rolling and her body flops around limply as she tries to keep modeling. Alicias boyfriend helps carry Nina to a bed and then fondles Ninas luscious breasts and body. Left alone, Nina awakens. Nina knocks Alicia out with a couple of vicious blows to the head. But, before she can do anything to her, the boyfriend shows up and chloroforms Nina. Nina puts up a mighty struggle then passes out in the guys arms. When Alicia wakes up, he chloroforms her too. She also does some great eye rolling as she slips into unconsciousness. The guy then takes some photos of his limp, lifeless friends. The scene is 34 minutes. The photo set contains 53 photos.

120 total minutes of 640×480 video, 415 photos. Collection #PKKOB0017

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