Knocked Out Collection 10


Knocked Out Collection 10
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0249 Hot Chicks Hate Each Other starring Penny Flame and Sinn Sage.
College cuties Penny Flame and Sinn Sage have been rivals for years and Sinn decides it is time to settle the score. The girls meet to plan a charity event. Sinn drugs Pennys drink and watches with delight as her enemy slowly falls asleep. Penny is adorable as she yawns and slurs her words before finally passing out. Sinn gets right to work. First, she toys with Pennys limp body. She strips off Penny’s cheerleader uniform and fondles her luscious nude body. She takes photos so she can ruin Pennys reputation. Then, Sinn strips nude herself and makes out with the unconscious Penny. The sight of their two exquisite bodies touching is too hot to describe! Sinn’s performance is really hot…she totally gets into it. When she has had her fill, Sinn departs, leaving Penny with a bottle of liquor next to her. Penny takes revenge. She chloroforms Sinn while saying nasty things in her ear. Penny strips Sinn and plays with her just as Sinn had done before. it is incredibly sexy and feels very realistic. The scene is 31 minutes. The photo set contains 70 photos.

KOB0251 My Girlfriend Is a Model starring Jewell Marceau
Stunning brunette Jewell is a model who comes to a photo shoot. The evil photographer sticks his arm right through the dressing room curtain to chloroform Jewell. She struggles violently and manages to break free and run. But, the guy catches her and applies the cloth again. Her eyes flutter and roll around until her body goes limp in the guys arms. He starts groping her tits right then and there before moving her to the couch. He wants to make the unconscious Jewell his girlfriend. He pretends to talk to her, to give her a drink and a cigarette and even pretends she is talking to him by making her lips move with his fingers. The creep strips and fondles Jewell’s curvy body. While groping her voluptuous tits with one hand and massaging her shapely feet with the other, he continues talking to her as if she can hear him. He leaves her alone for a minute. Jewell wakes up but not for long. The photographer comes back and chloroforms her again. Then, he hoists her back up onto the couch. The photographer dresses her up in sheer black stockings and leopard-print lingerie and takes some pictures. When he leaves for a minute, Jewell wakes up and starts toward the door. Before she has a chance to escape, the creep catches her and clasps the cloth over her face again. She passes out and remains his unconscious girlfriend. The outtakes include alternate takes of the chloro scenes and behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. The scene is 34 minutes. The outtakes are 5.5 minutes. The photo set contains 98 photos.

KOB0254 Down by Law starring Isabella Blue and Stacy Burke
Isabella is a lovely lawyer who has incriminating evidence that cunning criminal Stacy wants. Stacy breaks into Isabellas house, creeps up behind her and covers her nose and mouth with a chloroformed rag. Isabella resists, but eventually Stacys grip and the chloroform are too strong for her to withstand. Her eyes get heavy and she passes out. Stacy drags Isabella away and leaves her in the hallway while she searches the house for the evidence. Isabella wakes up and Stacy chloroforms her again. This time, while Isabellas out cold, Stacy strips her down to her bra and panties and gropes her hot body. Isabella wakes up only to have Stacy chloroform her again right away. Once she is knocked out, Stacy removes her underwear to fully expose her amazing tits and neatly trimmed snatch. She gropes her for a bit before walking away to continue searching the house.Stacy gets tired of Isabella’s escape attempts and, after knocking her unconscious with a blow to the head, ties her up and gags her. When Isabella awakens, Stacy pushes her around the house, threatening her as she looks for the evidence. Left alone, Isabella frees herself and knocks Stacy out with 2 blows to the head. Stacy awakens bound and gagged but Isabella pulls the tape off her mouth quickly and replaces it with the chloro rag. Stacy passes out and Isabella prepares to take her to jail. The scene is 41 minutes. The photo set contains 114 photos.

106 total minutes of 640×480 video, 282 photos. Collection #PKKOB0016

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