Knocked Out by Her Ex – Star Nine



Knocked Out by Her Ex starring Star Nine
Star comes home from work, looking gorgeous in a short skirt, blouse and heels. Her nasty ex-husband, Tim, shows up, looking for some tax records. When Star goes to find them, the guy sneaks up and knocks her out cold with a karate chop. She falls back into his arms and he drags her to the couch, where he plays with her limp body and limbs. When Star begins to awaken, Tim soaks a cloth in chloroform and applies it to Stars face, putting her in a semi-conscious state. With her eyes rolling, Star is fondled some more. Tim applies the chloroform a few more times, keeping Star half asleep as he opens her blouse and gropes her luscious tits. He then chloroforms her into unconsciousness and takes off her blouse. When he leaves, Star wakes up and puts her blouse back on. She staggers around trying to use her phone. Tim returns and cracks Star on the head with a blackjack. Stars eyes roll back and she falls limply into Tim’s arms. He drags her to the couch, removes her blouse and gropes her breasts. Star awakens again and tries to escape but Tim sprays knock out gas at her. She stumbles around before falling unconscious onto the couch. Tim gropes his lovely victim as the scene ends. A minute of outtakes is included with the scene. Scene #KOB0533 22 minutes. The photo set contains 88 photos. MP4 1280×640

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