Knocked Out By 2 Hot Girls – Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace


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Knocked Out by 2 Hot Girls starring Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace

The girls chloroform you, and each other, in this thrilling POV scene! You wake up tied to a chair and see the 2 hotties relaxing on the sofa. When they notice you’re awake, they start taunting and threatening you. They soak a thick colorful scarf, hold it to your face and mock you as your eyes roll back. They apply the scarf to your face several times before putting you to sleep.  When you wake up, you see the girls arguing about who will get most of the money they’ve stolen from you. Jolene gets angry and uses the scarf to chloroform Diana. Noticing you’re awake, Jolene turns her attention to you, holding the chloroform soaked scarf to your face again. She even takes a few whiffs of it herself just for fun. Finally, she holds it to your face until you pass out. The excellent outtakes include unused shots of Diana being chloroformed and a fun scene where Diana knocks out Jolene. 15 minutes. Scene #KOB0762

HD MP4 1920×1080 591MB

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