Knocked Out and Pole-Tied Heroine – Brooke Johnson


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Starring Brooke Johnson
Brooke is super hot as a superheroine damsel in this fun clip. Brooke enters a villain’s hideout and finds herself trapped. The room fills with knock out gas. Brooke struggles to stay awake but, eventually, her eyes flutter and she falls unconscious. She awakens bound to a pole, gagged. She strains against her bonds but can not get free. She slides down to the floor and uses her feet to pull a transmitter toward her. But no one is listening. The villain enters and taunts Brooke briefly with a bottle of chloroform and a rag. He applies the cloth to her face a few times, knocking her out. Brooke is laid out on the floor and the guy pulls her top down and removes her boots. Brooke awakens tied to the post again and gagged. She struggles hard. The villain returns and torments Brooke with the chloroform again before knocking her unconscious. The Outtakes are mostly footage from a second camera that was running during the shoot. So it is mostly alternate angles of the action and some fun stuff with Brooke joking around. Some of it is pretty shaky. The Scene is 18 minutes, Outtakes are 16 minutes. The Photo Set has 82 photos. Scene #SHKT0056

Available in MP4 – 1920 x 1080

PLEASE NOTE: The Outtakes do not contain any shots of the chloroformings. Also, because the knock out gas is a special effect, it does not appear in the Outtakes or the photos.

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