Knocked Census – Tori Sinclair and Mary Jane Green

Knocked Census starring Tori Sinclair and Mary Jane Green
A goofy title for a goofy scene! The girls have a lot of fun with their roles in this unusual comic scene. In Clip 1, Tori is a census taker who comes to see Mary Jane. When Mary Jane refuses to answer her questions, Tori gets more and more insistent. After a while, MJ has had enough and she hits Tori over the head with a club. Tori is dazed and staggers around the house for quite a while, her eyes rolling. Tori tries to talk but just garbled words come out. Finally, she falls to the couch unconscious. In Clip 2, Tori continues to pester Mary Jane and Mary Jane repeatedly hits Tori on the head (usually with a club, a couple of times with a cookie pan. Each time, Tori staggers around foolishly before passing out. At one point, MJ punches Tori in the face and, in another scene, she sprays her with a knock out spray. She even tries giving her a drugged drink, which keeps her out for a while. There is no nudity but Mary Jane does toy with Tori’s body and fondles her a bit. She removes Tori’s sneakers and plays with her feet as well. Scene #KOB0411

The scene is 47 minutes. Clip 1 is 28 minutes, Clip 2 is 20 minutes. The photo set contains 133 photos. MP4 640×480

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