Knock Out Test – Charlie Laine


Knock Out Test starring Charlie Laine
Charlie is a junior superheroine whose powers are tested when she repeatedly chloroformed. Charlies instructor at the Superheroine Academy informs her that she must be tested to make sure she can stay conscious if attacked with chloroform. She is told to go to a house where a technician will try to knock her out. Charlie, looking very hot in a shiny silver unitard, goes to the house and technician Dave grabs her and clasps the chlora over her face. Charlie almost passes out but breaks free. Dave stalks Charlie through the house and administers a couple more doses of chloroform before Charlie finally passes out. He carries her to a bed and, although he is a good guy, he can not resist playing with Charlies gorgeous body. Later, Charlie awakens and staggers out. Back at the Academy, the instructor tells Charlie she failed the test and sends her back for another session. Charlie returns to the house, removes her cape and enters. Dave douses part of the cape in chloroform and begins stalking his prey. Once again, it takes a couple of tries before Charlie falls unconscious. This time, Dave strips her naked, toys with her limp body and then ties her to a chair. When Charlie wakes up, she is angry but Dave just taunts her. He applies the chloroform several times and even hits Charlie on the head with a club. Then, he unties her and tells her to try to escape. Charlie staggers away and Dave follows her and applies the chloro cloth a couple of times before Charlie passes out. He carries her to the bed. Now, he plans to keep her! 23 minutes. Scene #SHKO0025
MP4 640×480

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