Knock Out Rivals – Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green


Knock Out Rivals starring Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane and Sinn are sorority girls. They both look very cute in plaid skirts. Mary Jane pulls a serious prank on rival Sinn. She puts a heavy box over the doorway. When Sinn enters, the box hits Sinn and Sinn hits the floor. MJ wastes no time stripping Sinn and playing with her luscious limp body. She takes nude photos of Sinn, posing her in many suggestive positions. When Sinn wakes up, MJ knocks her out again with a blow to the head. Sinn is left naked in a dark garage. She wakes up with revenge on her mind and hits Mary Jane with a box when she returns. MJ is stripped naked and Sinn has a great time posing her and taking photos. She even gets on top of her rival and takes photos of both of them together. Scene #KOB0346
18 minutes. The photo set contains 103 photos. MP4 640×480

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