Knock Out Pillow – Odette Delacroix and Mary Jane Green



Knock Out Pillow starring Odette Delacroix and Mary Jane Green
This fun, sexy scene features a very unusual knock out method and tons of sensuous fondling and body manipulation. It was made as a custom video. Mary Jane and Odette are spies who are testing out a new weapon, the Knock Out Pillow. The scientist explains that being hit with the pillow causes a person to immediately go to sleep. MJ hits Odette with the pillow and she immediately falls back onto the bed. Mary Jane then does some tests on her unconscious colleague. She plays with her limp limbs and does eye checks. She undresses Odette, manipulates her body, plays with her face, feet, breasts and nipples. When Odette awakens, MJ hits her again and she falls back onto the bed. Next, Odette hits MJ with the pillow, knocking her out. Odette does the same tests on MJ, playing with her limbs, stripping her and fondling her. When she wakes up, she’s knocked out again. When the girls are unconscious, you can hear them snoring but it is barely audible. 35 minutes. The photo set has 148 photos. MP4 1280×680

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