Kiss Me Goodnight – Sinn Sage and Loren Chance


Kiss Me Goodnight starring Sinn Sage and Loren Chance
Sinn and Loren look incredible and give fine performances in this very unusual scene which was made as a custom. We don’t really understand the story but here it is… Sinn and Loren passionately make out on the bed. After some hot kissing, Loren answers her phone. Someone from The Agency tells her that Sinn is a clone! Reluctantly, Loren punches Sinn in the face, knocking her out. Sinn wakes up hogtied and confused. Loren tells her what The Agency said. Sinn denies she is a clone and tries to convince Loren. In a flashback, we see how the girls first met: Loren sneaks into Sinn’s house looking for important papers. When Sinn enters, Loren knocks her out cold with a punch. She finds the papers but takes some time to fondle Sinn before leaving. Back in the present, Sinn continues to plead her case. But Loren does not believe her. Sinn tells another story which we see in flashback: The girls are lovers and make out intensely. Loren tells Sinn she has to go on a dangerous assignment. Sinn does not want her to leave so she punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious. Back in the present, Sinn begs to be untied and tells another story which is shown in flashback: The girls are making a knock out video. Loren pretends to knock Sinn out and fondles her. But Sinn is enjoying it so much she starts moaning, ruining the scene. Sinn tells Loren she will have to knock her out for real or the scene won’t work. Loren knocks her out with a punch and fondles her. Back in the present, Loren is convinced that Sinn is not a clone so she unties her. Someone from The Agency is coming over so Loren asks Sinn to knock her out to avoid suspicion. Sinn punches Loren, knocking her out. Later, Sinn returns. But, she really is a clone! She knocks Loren unconscious with a punch, partially strips her and enjoys her luscious body. The girls do a great job with the knock out scenes. The outtakes contain extra footage of the KOs as well as some shots of the girls joking around. Scene #KOB052040 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 115 photos. MP4 HD 1280×640

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