Kidnapped Rich Woman – Cory Lane


Kidnapped Rich Woman starring Cory Lane
Cory always does a great job as the helpless victim and she is at her best in this cruel scene. Spoiled rich girl Cory is duped into walking right into a kidnapping plot when she accepts an invitation to a VIP party. She shows up at the kidnappers hideout, looking incredible in a short blue dress and tan hose, thinking it is an exclusive nightclub. But she is terrified when a voice explains to her that she is being held for ransom. One of the kidnappers comes out of hiding and ties Cory up on camera. She pleads for release but is coldly told that she will be there for a long time. She is gagged with cloth packing and duct tape and left on the cold cement floor. She jerks and squirms her body across the floor, giving some nice up skirt shots of her crotch beneath her sheer nylons. Cory is pleased to hear that her ransom has been paid but is horrified when she is told that she will be left there bound and gagged. Cory timidly complies with the kidnappers instructions to strip naked and is then securely hogtied on the cold floor with a rope extending from her hands to her toes. A ball-gag is roughly shoved in her pretty mouth. Scene #BG0223

23 minutes. MP4 640×480

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