Kidnapped Pro Cheerleader – Cory Lane and Darby


Kidnapped Pro Cheerleader starring Cory Lane and Darby
Darby has been a bad girl and racked up too much credit card debt. She gets a great idea when she sees Cory (a girl she hated in high school who is now a professional cheerleader) going door to door collecting money for charity. When the annoyingly bubbly blonde comes her door, Darby kidnaps her. Cory pleads but Darby binds her tightly then gags her with her own stocking and a wide strip of cloth. Darby leaves to contact Cory’s team owners to make a ransom demand. Left alone, Cory struggles and whimpers pitifully. Her huge eyes look incredibly scared and helpless above her thick, restrictive gag. Darby returns, angry that no one wants to pay for Cory’s release. Then, the busty cheerleader has been untied but is still frightened. In the bathroom, Darby makes her strip down to her purple lace bra and white panties. Cory begs to be released but Darby orders to stuff her own sock in her mouth, then tapes her lips shut. Cory ends up securely bound on the bathroom floor. She moans in desperation and writhes like a wounded animal. When her boyfriend comes over, Darby cruelly discusses getting rid of Cory. Cory can hear what is being said and whimpers in terror. But the boyfriend wants no part of this crime so he leaves both girls bound and gagged on the bed in their bras and panties. The girls sneer at each other angrily as they struggle to get free. 24 minutes. Scene #BG0199
MP4 640×480

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