Kidnapped Club Girls – Anastasia Pierce and Mary Jane Green


Kidnapped Club Girl starring Anastasia Pierce and Mary Jane Green
Looking hot in their little black dresses, pantyhose and heels, raven haired vixens Anastasia and Mary Jane are invited over to Steves house after a night of clubbing. Steve secretly drugs their drinks and then chats them up while the drug slowly starts to take effect. It seems Steve is angry about a bad business deal with Anastasias boyfriend. Anastasia gets very disoriented and sleepy on the couch. Her eyes roll and flutter and she can not sit up straight, while MJ and Steve continue to talk. Soon Mary Jane notices her unconscious friend and tries to call for help. But the sadistic Steve chloroforms her before she can make the call. He puts both knocked out girls on the couch and poses their hot bodies in embarrassing, sexy positions. The girls wake up bound on the carpet. They struggle very hard until Steve comes in to stuff their mouths with packing and tape-gag them. Once more, they struggle wildly to escape. They even use their nyloned toes to try to remove each others gags. Later, they have freed themselves, but the bad guys are waiting for them just outside the door. MJ is chloroformed again and Anastasia is struck over the head, then chloroformed! The girls awaken naked, bound and cloth-gagged in a closet. They struggle very hard in the tiny claustrophobic space, but this time they can not get free. This scene is excellent all around–great performances by all the actors (the girls look super-hot!) and tight rope work by Jack Banner. Scene #KOTI0005
29 minutes. The photo set contains 222 photos. MP4 640×480

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