Kidnapped by Two Sadists – Celeste Star and Sinn Sage


Kidnapped by Two Sadists starring Celeste Star and Sinn Sage
This intense bondage scene is one of our best ever! It features stunning performances by two extremely beautiful models (and two incredibly scary villains!). The directing is dramatic, edgy and energetic. On a dark and very stormy day, aspiring actresses Sinn and Celeste come to a studio to audition for an acting role. Finding no one there, they separate to look around. Sinn is grabbed and handgagged by a The Creep, a sadistic lowlife with madness in his eyes. He removes his hand from her mouth so he can replace it with a chloroform soaked rag. Sinn struggles in vain before passing out. When Celeste comes back, she meets the same terrible fate. Sinn wakes up tied to a chair and blindfolded. When Celeste, who is similarly bound, wakes up, the girls express their horror at the situation. When The Creep returns, he removes the girls blindfolds but gags them with packing and tight cloths pulled between their teeth. He runs his dirty hands up and down the terrified girls legs…then, he introduces his customer Jack. Jack has hired The Creep to kidnap the girls so that he can indulge his sadistic fantasies. He says he will be back tomorrow and tells the creep to make sure the girls are submissive. Next, both girls are bound standing with their hands over their heads. Despite their anxious pleading, The Creep ballgags the girls. He uses a scissors to cut off their shirts and bras. After removing Sinn’s jeans and Celestes skirt, he cruelly slices off their panties. The girls ankles and knees are strapped up and the girls wince and squirm as their captor terrorizes them with a riding crop. Celeste does plenty of drooling through her gag. Before leaving, the monster tapes the whimpering girls together face to face. Later, the torture become even worse. Sinn and Celeste are now in sexy black leather and latex lingerie and high heels. Celeste is bound to a post and Sinn is bound with hands over head. After gagging his captives with packing and shiny white tape, he orders Sinn to molest her friend. When Sinn refuses, she is flogged. Her back turns red from the intense beating. Celeste whimpers as she watches her friends torment. Completely drained of will, Sinn gives in. She fondles Celestes tits with her bound hands. At her captor’s insistance, she buries her face in Celestes crotch. Celeste is bound to a chair naked and Sinn is made to give her a lap dance. Celeste is tied with hands over head and Sinn is forced to flog her, then to twist her sensitive nipples. Finally, Celeste is tied to a post again, wearing a strap on dildo. Sinn, naked and with elbows bound, is ordered to kneel and suck the dildo. Then, the girls are naked and tightly bound with rough red rope. The Creep gags his helpless prisoners with packing and elastic bandages. The girls are terrified as their captor lays out an assortment of torture devices. When Jack arrives, he ties Sinn to a post so he can devote his twisted attention to Celeste. While he terrorizes poor Celeste with a power drill, Sinn begins to free herself. Will she get loose and avenge herself and her friend?! Fuck yeah!! Scene #BG0530

The outtakes include shots of the girls being knocked out and tied up as well as interviews and goofing around. 61 minutes. The outtakes are 6 minutes. The photo set contains 260 photos. MP4 720×480

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