Kidnapped by My Best Friend – Eve Ellis, Darby


Kidnapped by My Best Friend starring Darby and Eve Ellis
Darby and her boyfriend Jerry plot to kidnap Darbys rich friend Eve for ransom.  Darby goes to Eves house and tries to lure her into going to Jerrys. When Eve refuses, she ends up bound and gagged in the trunk of Darbys car. Eve looks super hot in her workout clothes – a nipple-flattering sports bra and skintight spandex shorts. Darby drives her to Jerrys house and stuffs her in the closet where she is tied to the clothing rack. She moans and groans and struggles to free herself. Once she is finally loose from her bondage, she grabs Darby. Darby finds herself tied up on the living room floor. She writhes and moans in her leopard-print halter top, tiny black shorts and tan pantyhose. Eve gags Darby with a bandana, then leaves her there for a while. Darby continues to roll around to no avail. When Eve returns, Jerry shows up and snatches her. Then, both Darby and Eve find themselves completely naked, bound and gagged on the living room floor. Darby should not have trusted that boyfriend of hers. The girls try everything to free each other, using their hands and feet, but it is no use. Jerry tells the girls he is going to keep the ransom money and do whatever he damn well pleases with them. Scene #BG0292
26 minutes. MP4 640×480

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