Kidnapped by a Hot Dyke – Anastasia Pierce and Jackie Ashe

Kidnapped by a Hot Dyke starring Anastasia Pierce and Jackie Ashe
This story features the thrilling combination of knock out fetish and hardcore girl/girl action! Jackie is exercising in her house in a cute short skirt and top. Anastasia, looking especially creepy in black leather, gloves and a ski mask, breaks in and chloroforms the unsuspecting rich girl. Jackie fights hard but she is no match for Anastasia and soon, she slips into unconsciousness. Anastasia carries her away to a very spooky basement. When Jackie awakens, Anastasia tells her tells her that she is being held for ransom then hits her on the head, knocking her out again. She strips the unconscious Jackie and molests her helpless flesh. Anastasia takes off her own shirt and rubs Jackie’s limp hands on her gorgeous tits, then decides she is going to teach Jackie a cruel lesbian lesson. Anastasia gets naked and licks Jackie’s sweet exposed pussy. She sticks a finger inside Jackie and continues to pleasure her until Jackie wakes up. Jackie enjoys what Anastasia is doing too much to try to stop her. Cruel captor Anastasia continues until Jackie cums hard. Anastasia rests her head on Jackie’s body and Jackie takes the opportunity to hit her on the head, knocking her out. Then, Jackie gets her delicious revenge! She fucks Anastasia with a long dildo until she comes to and cums, too! Jackie decides to abandon her family and stay with her new lesbo friend. The outtakes feature scenes from the photo session and extended knock out footage not used in the video. Scene #KOB0282

24 minutes. The outtakes are 12 minutes.The photo set contains 184 photos. MP4 640×480

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