Kidnapped by a Computer Geek – Darby and Nina Neon


Kidnapped by a Computer Geek starring Darby and Nina Neon
This scene features Loren Chances exciting direction and sensational bondage as well as top notch performances by two Anton favorites. Darby and Nina (in skirts, hose and heels) are invited to a male co-workers home. The guy is irrationally trying to take credit for inventing a computer program and he is angry he has not been given credit for it. He lures Nina into a bedroom and he swiftly chloroforms her. Darby checks on her friend and meets the same nasty chloroform fate. Next, the girls come to and find themselves bound and tape-gagged. They slowly wake up and struggle to free each other from the oppressive bonds. Their abductor comes in and blindfolds them with ace bandages, too! They struggle ferociously but can not get free. Then, they are chloroformed once more. Their creepy captor lays them out straight on the bed and gropes them through their clothes. Later, he strips them completely naked and fondles them (lots and lots of fondling here). The vulnerable vixens awaken slowly. They are nude, rope bound back to back, with their feet tied together, sole to sole. They struggle as much as they can against the ropes, whimpering through duct tape gags as they writhe on the bed. The outstanding outtakes include alternate takes of both girls getting chloroformed as well as bound and gagged on camera in the nude. Scene #KOTI0010
MP4 640×480
36 minutes. The outtakes are 14 minutes. The photo set contains 300 photos. MP4 640×480

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