Kidnapped Anchorwomen – Newly Restored – Andrea Neal and Stacy Burke


Kidnapped Anchorwomen starring Andrea Neal and Stacy Burke.
This is classic clip was released many years ago. We’ve created this new version that looks better than the previous version. Andrea and Stacy are two sexy television news reporters. Andrea tells Stacy that she thinks someone is stalking her. When the girls get into Andreas car, the creep is hiding in the back seat. The girls soon find themselves handcuffed and gagged with duct tape in the back seat. They look really hot in their business skirt outfits with nylons and heels. They twist and jerk around for a while in a futile attempt to escape. Later, the villain marches Andrea and Stacy into his house where they are left tied up and cloth gagged on the couch. Left alone, the girls struggle and whimper with fear. While struggling, they kick the shoes off their nyloned feet. Stacy hops around a bit and tries to find something with which to cut her ropes. When she fails, Andrea hops across the room and also tries to free herself. She too fails. Next, the terrified girls are bound to posts, facing each other. They are now wearing ultra-tight, slutty spandex outfits, chosen by their captor. They plead with their captor not to gag them, but he tapes their mouths anyway. The tape actually matches their outfits; Stacy in red and Andrea in black. The villain leaves them to suffer for while. They moan helplessly and gyrate their incredible bodies to the extent that the rope will allow. The villain comes back and takes Andrea away to the back room. Andrea is left alone bound and gagged on a bed, stripped down to just her panties. She rolls around in her sexy vulnerability for a while before finally mustering up the strength to hop out of the room. To her horror, Andrea spots Stacy, untied, and the obsessed fan chatting like old friends! Stacy has been in on his twisted plan since the beginning! Later, the creep marches Andrea out to the living room and unties her, pretending to give both girls a break from their bondage. As soon as she is untied and the villain has left the room, Andrea slaps Stacy across the face and confronts her about what she saw. Stacy reveals the entire plot to Andrea then pushes her out of the room. Andrea finds herself bound and ball gagged in a tiny closet, still wearing nothing but her panties. Stacy taunts her, telling her that they plan to dispose of her so that Stacy can become lead anchor on the news. Later, after a long struggle, Andrea frees herself and captures Stacy. Stacy is bound and gagged, totally naked and helpless. Andrea taunts and torments Stacy, then leaves her there. The story ends with Andrea telling the whole story on the news. Stacy, bound and gagged, whimpers as she watches the report on television. There are some fun outtakes featuring lots of shots of the girls in bondage and joking behind the scenes. Scene #BG0360

57 minutes. MP4 640×480

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